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Did you know that we can recycle your empty ink cartridges?

Yep, that’s right – in cooperation with Zero Waste Recycling, we recycle every single part of an empty cartridge, ensuring that nothing goes to land fill. How green is that?

It's not only ink cartridges we can recycle, but toners and drum units are fine too!

What are the rules?

We can only recycle ink cartridges or toners that were originally purchased from ourselves. For products purchased elsewhere, please visit your retailer for details on their own recycling scheme. Any products returned for recycling that are found to be from an alternative supplier may be returned to you.

To help the environment as much as possible, we also ask that you save up your empty cartridges and only send them when you have a good collection. We've set a minimum quantity of at least 20 empty Ink Cartridges or 4 empty Toners or Drums.

Simply download and print the prepaid returns label below

Recycling Label

Then just package up your empties, attach the label and drop them into your local Post Office for their return journey to us – it’s that easy!
All we ask is that your cartridges are completely empty, the package dimensions entered are accurate and that they are within the maximum allowed by Royal Mail.

Recycling Tips

To keep things even greener, we’d recommend you collect a bundle of your empties together before returning them. This helps to keep the impact of transit emissions to a minimum, lessening the carbon footprint even further!

Alternatively, many charities can benefit from the proceeds of recycling ink cartridges and toners. As such, it may be worth checking with your local charity shops if you’d prefer to keep your contribution more local.

Here are just a few ideas for collecting as many empty cartridges as possible:

  • Teachers or parents? Why not set up a cartridge collection point at nurseries, schools, colleges or universities! Collect in bulk and we can arrange a collection when your box is full!

  • Make something arty! Pinterest is always full of interesting ideas for arts, crafts and projects using recyclables

  • Check out your local library or supermarket to see if they have a recycling scheme available? You may be able to exchange them for Nectar points or similar rewards

OEM Recycling Schemes

Many of the Original Equipment Manufacturers also have their own recycling schemes for used ink cartridges and toners if you would prefer to use those. Please be aware that they only accept genuine cartridges and toners rather than any made by a third party or those that have already been remanufactured. Some OEM's also accept used printers on their schemes, but do check the terms and conditions before sending anything!

Brother Printer Cartridge Recycling

The 'Brother Earth' recycling scheme provides specific advice on recycling not only your used Genuine Brother ink cartridges and toner cartridges, but your unwanted Brother printers too.

You can also watch a series of videos detailing how Brother are attempting to help the environment by optimising package design, producing low energy standby technology and generally being good eco eggs!

Canon Printer Cartridge Recycling

Did you know that Canon has been operating a cartridge recycling programme since 1990 and they are committed to a 'no waste to landfill' policy?

Canon will recycle Genuine Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges for free but they do have a list of acceptable cartridges that must be adhered to. The also ask that a minimum of 5 cartridges are sent in their returns bags to cut down on both costs and unnecessary transportation.

Epson Printer Cartridge Recycling

Epsons recycling philosophy is "To conserve valuable environmental resources and reduce waste we aim to collect and recycle as many products and supplies as possible"

The Epson recycling programme consists of single return (via postal) and bulk return (via box collection programme) depending on whether you're an individual or a larger organisation.

HP Printer Cartridge Recycling

The 'HP Planet Partners' recycling programme collects used products for resale and recycling in 74 countries and territories worldwide.

As well as Genuine HP Ink and Toner cartridges, they also collect Samsung Toner Cartridges. Once registered, you can arrange for a toner recycling bag or up to 5 ink cartridge recycling bags to be sent to you. Each recycling bag can hold between 5-10 cartridges.

Dell Printer Cartridge Recycling

Most Genuine Dell products contain a free recycling bag enabling you to easily return the cartridge you've just replaced. For larger quantities, head to the Dell website where you can print off a label to return up to 300 ink cartridges or 20 toners per box.

Businesses or organisations with much greater usage can also get a pallet collected for free, so there's no excuse not to recycle!

Samsung Printer Cartridge Recycling

Since HP’s acquisition of Samsung’s global printing business back in 2017, all Genuine Samsung toner recycling is dealt with by them.

Again, they guarantee that no cartridge goes to landfill and the plastic recovered in the process is used to manufacture new Original HP cartridges with the same quality and reliability you have come to rely on with Original HP supplies.