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Inkredible Customer Referral Scheme

Inkredible Customer Referral Scheme

Our customers often tell us how happy they are with our service and products. This makes us smile.

While developing our new website update it got us thinking... If the best form of recommendation is directly from you, an existing, happy customer, how can we reward you for spreading the word? The answer is our Customer Referral scheme and it's so easy to use!

How does it work?

Basically, we award you Reward Points for introducing new customers to Inkredible, who in turn receive a 15% discount on their first order with us when using your unique referral code.

In your account section, you'll notice a tab entitled 'Customer Referrals'. Once you have placed your first order, a unique referral code will be generated. You can see an example below:

As you can see, we provide a simple website link that when clicked, will automatically apply your personal code to your referree's basket, giving them 15% off. The link is easy to share to friends and family via social media, email and whatever website you wish to advertise it. Likewise, referrees can simply enter your unique code in the 'Discount Code' section at the basket page manually to receive their discount.

Your first successful referral will earn you £1.00 which is added to your Reward Points and available to spend on products as usual. Your referral section keeps track of how many orders you've referred and as you climb up through the levels, your reward per referral will increase

Above, you can see that after your first referral, you move from 'First Timer' to 'Beginner' and your reward per referral increases to £1.25. Can you reach VIP level!?

Referrals Level Reward
1 First Timer £1.00
2-5 Beginner £1.25
6-10 Advanced £1.50
11-15 Elite £1.75
16+ VIP £2.00

What else should I know?

The more people you give your code to, the more chance you have of benefitting from free or cheaper ink and who doesn't want that right? The main thing to remember is that your personal discount code will only work for new customers placing their first order.

Some top tips for letting lots of people know!

  • Send an email or text to friends and family
  • Put out a Social Media post on your timeline
  • Message a School or local community Facebook group
  • Post on an internet deals site
  • Put a link or post in any online forum you may use
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