Which? 'Best Cheap Cartridge Supplier' Survey 2016

Which? Best Cheap Cartridge Supplier
Inkredible.co.uk have once again been highly rated in the latest Which? 'Best Cheap Cartridge Supplier' survey, July 2016.

All of our hard work has once again paid off with recognition from our very own customers, independently surveyed by Which? magazine.

For the 3rd consecutive year, inkredible.co.uk have landed a place in the top 4 retailers when it comes to supplying quality third party cartridges.

This year we have been awarded 4th overall out of 29 suppliers with a rating of 84%. Achieving a superb 5 Star Rating in all 3 categories; Value For Money, Colour Print Quality and Text Print Quality. Many thanks to all of our Inkredible customers, it wouldn't be possible without your loyalty so here's to many more years of quality cartridges, quality service and low prices!

We'd like to think that if Customer Service was included as a category then we would have snatched top spot!

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Canon Announce New Range of Inkjet Printers

Canon Pixma TS5050 Printer
Canon have announced their latest generation of Canon PIXMA all-in-one Printers for UK and European consumers.

The Canon PIXMA TS5050, TS6050, TS8050 and TS9050 series use the existing Canon PGI-570 and CLI-571 range of cartridges and are said to be around 40% more compact than printers released earlier this year. All four models include both Wi-Fi wireless networking and SD card slots, as well as an LCD control screen. The printers are compatible with all existing standard and XL capacity ink tanks. All of these printers, as you'd expect, are compatible with Google Cloud and Apple Air print functions.

Canon PIXMA TS5050 – Entry Level

The 5 cartridge entry-level TS5050 is also available in 3 alternative colour options (Models TS5051TS5053 and TS5055) if you fancy something other than the standard Black. Unfortunately it doesn't feature automatic duplex printing and only has a non-touch 3" LCD display. The TS5050 is the slowest printer in the new range, but still capable of a decent 9ppm colour or 12.6ppm mono. An excellent choice for the home or infrequent user.

Canon PIXMA TS6050 – Advanced Home User

Next up is the TS6050. Still aimed at the Home User, and featuring the same 1,200 dots-per-inch printing and Five ink cartridge system like its younger brother, the TS5050. The TS6050 however, provides automatic duplex printing, a three-inch touch-screen display and slightly faster print speeds of 10ppm colour or 15ppm mono. This model is also available in 2 further colour options (Models TS6051 and TS6052).

Both entry level machines will turn out a borderless 4x6-inch print in around 39 seconds and also feature 1,200-dpi scanners capable of a full-page A4 scan in around 19 seconds.

Canon PIxma TS9055Canon PIXMA TS8050/TS9050 – High End Users

The higher-end TS8050 can be bought in 3 further colours, White TS8051, Red TS8052 and Brown TS8053, while the top of the range TS9050 is Black/White but also also available in a Black/Red TS9055 variant.

Both deliver 2,400 dpi printing and scanning, as well as featuring a 6 cartridge ink system. The additional Grey cartridge offers enhanced definition and depth. Both are capable of a 4x6 inch print in 21 seconds, but document speeds are identical to that of the TS6050 at 10ppm colour or 15ppm mono.

Despite their higher scan resolution, the pair are capable of a full-page A4 scan quicker than the lower end models, in just 14 seconds. The TS8050 opts for a 4.3-inch touch screen display, and the TS9050 an upgraded 5-inch touch screen.

Both provide several features not available on the entry level models including both rear tray for Photo Paper and front cassette tray with 100 sheet capacity, direct disc print tray option and an ethernet port. The Pixma TS9050 and TS9055 both also feature snazzy two tone premium styling.


Pricing & Availabilty

The updated Canon PIXMA-series printers will be available from 18th November 2016 in the UK where RRP pricing is set at £120 for the PIXMA TS5050, £180 for the PIXMA TS6050, £200 for the PIXMA 8050 and £280 for the PIXMA 9050. (Links show stock for pre-order from www.amazon.co.uk)

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HP 950/951 Firmware Update - FIX!


It has just been confirmed that HP have released a new Firmware for the printers recently affected by non working compatible 950/951 cartridges. It has now removed the security features designed to inhibit the use of third party compatibles, and as such, any remaining cartridges you have should work again after updating to the latest version.


  • File Description (Oct 12th):

    "This firmware update removes previous security firmware that may prevent the printer from working with certain ink supplies that contain non-HP security chips."

    If you have one of the affected printers listed, then we recommend visiting the correct link for your printer below:

    HP Officejet 8610/8615/8616

    HP Officejet 8620/8625

    HP Officejet 8630

    HP Officejet 8640

    HP Officejet 8660


    Simply download and install the relevant file for your printer under the 'Firmware' section on each link.

    *Inkredible.co.uk do not take any responsibility for failed Firmware updates and as such, they are only to be undertaken at the customers own risk.


    Let us know if this re-enables compatible cartridges for you!


Which Printers Are Affected:

  • HP Officejet Pro 8610
  • HP Officejet Pro 8615
  • HP Officejet Pro 8620
  • HP Officejet Pro 8625
  • HP Officejet Pro 8630
  • HP Officejet Pro 8640
  • HP Officejet Pro 8660
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HP Firmware Update - "Cartridges Missing or Damaged"

HP Have Issued Updated Firmware

The Problem:

It has just been confirmed that HP has released a new firmware version that has been downloaded to a number of printer models in their range via a network or internet connection.

  • Update: We have received reports that this firmware upgrade was built into the printers as a clocked automatic upgrade and it may not be possible  stop it from occurring by turning off the Auto upgrade.

If you have Compatible HP cartridges that were previously working but are now displaying the message 'Cartridges Missing or Damaged', it is likely that your printer has received the new firmware.

Unfortunately, this problem is industry wide and is affecting all compatible/third party cartridges from all UK suppliers.



Which Printers Are Affected:

  • HP Officejet Pro 8610
  • HP Officejet Pro 8615
  • HP Officejet Pro 8620
  • HP Officejet Pro 8625
  • HP Officejet Pro 8630
  • HP Officejet Pro 8640
  • HP Officejet Pro 8660
  • HP Officejet Pro x576dw
  • HP Officejet Pro x476dw
  • HP Officejet Pro x476dn
  • HP Officejet Pro x551dw
  • HP Officejet Pro x451dw
  • HP Officejet Pro x451dn
  • HP Officejet 6830


How To Prevent it:

Unfortunately the only sure fire way to prevent future firmware updates from being installed is to remove your printer from the network or internet connection and use the printer attached via USB only. We appreciate this may not be possible in all circumstances it may help to keep you printing in the short term until updated cartridges are available.

Whilst some of these printers to have the option of turning off automatic updates, it is our experience (and that of many of our customers judging by feedback we have received) that this option is not always adhered to and updates may still be applied even if the option is turned off.

It may be worth a try though, so if you want to give it a go the steps below should help if your model supports it: 

As long as Web Services is enabled, you can select the Web Services icon as seen in the image outlined in red:

HP Web Services

  1. Go to Settings,
  2. Then select Printer Update,
  3. Then Auto Update,
  4. and Off.


This will prevent the firmware from being updated on the printer. Within the same menu if you want to, you can also go to ePrint On/Off and Apps On/Off.

We are working hard with our manufacturer to produce cartridges that are once again able to work as expected with the affected models, we hope to have these available within the coming weeks.

  • Update: A new chip has now been produced and confirmed to work on the affected models - We have stocks of updated cartridges en route and expect these will be with us early october.


What To Do If You're Having Problems:

At INKredible all of our cartridges are 100% guaranteed to work in your printer. Even though this issue has arisen as a result of updates published by HP rather than a fault with any of our compatibles, if you have purchased your compatible cartridges from us and are having problems, then, as always, you will not be out of pocket!

All we need is for you to contact us with details of the error message you’re experiencing together with your printer model, and a member of our team will get back to you within 24-48 hours to advise further.

What We Will Do For INKredible Customers:

For any unusable cartridges you have, we would like to offer you Reward Points to the equivalent value, as well as an extra £5 by way of a good will gesture as we understand the situation is very frustrating.

You will also be the first to know via email when we have updated cartridges available to purchase and will have priority if initial stocks are limited.

  • Update: Alternatively, as we now have the updated cartridges en route from the manufacturer, if you would like to wait for the updated cartridges to arrive, just let us know and we will arrange replacements to be sent out as soon as they arrive.






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Win an iPad Air This Summer with INKredible!

This Summer we have decided to reward our customers with even more than usual...

Not only are we continuing to provide the best service with the lowest prices and 5% Reward Points back in your account on every purchase, we thought one lucky customer deserved something a little bit special!

Nearly everybody loves to use Social Media these days, so we thought why not ask our customers to do something simple in return for a chance of winning the rather lovely iPad Air 16gb over there!

All you have to do to be in with a chance is to make your purchase as normal, after which you will be greeted with the usual 'order complete' confirmation screen.

Underneath this will be a 'Share to Facebook' link telling your friends that you've been entered in our Grand Prize Draw... That's it! A chance of winning for doing something that you probably already do a few times a day.

We've noticed a few envious looks from our staff passing through the Inkredible office but unfortunately for them, the competition is only open to you, our lovely customers! Hopefully we'll make somebody's Summer with this prize!

Terms and Conditions


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Which? Magazine Votes Inkredible No.1!

Which? Votes INKredible No.1Which? Magazine have just confirmed what we always thought... INKredible really are pretty good at inks!

The popular consumer magazine recently conducted a survey of Alternative ink brands and retailers and ranked them based on answers received from 8,526 genuine customers.

Of the final 21 companies selected, we're proud to say we were ranked 3rd overall and we even topped their poll as 'Top Rated Alternative Canon Ink' retailer, as we received the highest customer scores from Canon Printer owners!

The race for first place was tighter than a tight thing! We were awarded a mighty 86% for our overall customer satisfaction score, just 1% off the top award!

Customers rated print quality, value for money, whether they'd encountered any problems during the order process and if so, how they were dealt with. The overall rankings were based on general customer satisfaction with the ink and how likely they would be to recommend to a friend.

We were also awarded 5 Star Ratings for Value for Money, Text Print Quality and Ease of Use, with 4 Stars for Colour Print Quality and Photo Print Quality. 23 out of 25 was not bettered by any other retailer!

All of the team here at Inkredible are super proud to have been recognised in this way, as we work extremely hard to make life easier for our customers!

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Earn Reward Points at INKredible!

Earn Reward Points at INKredible!

Inkredible Reward Points


You can now earn Reward Points on every purchase made at INKredible.co.uk! Here's how...


It's easy! Simply make your purchase from us as normal. You don't need to change the way you shop, we take care of everything!


Every purchase you make will earn Reward Points! You will receive 5 points for every £1 you spend. Points are automatically assigned to your account after completing checkout. During the checkout process, we will tell you how many Reward Points the transaction will earn.


Using your accumulated points is as simple as ticking a box during checkout. Your order total will be reduced according to how many points you have.

You can check how many Reward Points you have accumulated by logging into your account and selecting 'Reward Points' from the account options.

Earn Even More!

Keep an eye on your emails for the latest special offers, as well as following our Twitter and Facebook pages to hear about our Reward Point 'Boost Events' first!



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Canon Error Code 6A81 - Fixed!

Canon Error Code 6A81Canon Error Code 6A81 - Fixed!

We recently came across error code 6A81 on our Canon Pixma MG5250 Printer (using PGI-525/CLI-526 range cartridges). The error could also occur on other printers in this range.

The error code is basically caused by an obstruction within the printer, usually a paper jam but could be any foreign body that has found its way into the printer (those with young children will understand!). The obstruction stops the carriage and print head from moving into the correct position when powering up the printer. The print head should come to rest at the right hand side of the carriage and position itself over the waste ink sponges. If the print head is unable to do so, it returns the '6A81' error message.

You can see from the picture, the position of the two waste ink sponges towards the right hand side. The sponges are spring loaded and move backwards and forwards when the printer initialisation occurs upon start up.

The problem in our case was caused by two pieces of torn paper. One at the far right of the printer which was simple to remove, but the other was stuck in a small opening behind the spring mechanism for the waste ink sponges. This was preventing the sponges from being moved freely and seated correctly, which in turn meant that the print head was unable to pass over them and come to rest in the correct position.

To remove the torn paper we turned off the power to the printer (to prevent any damage to the carriage mechanism) and used a pair of tweezers to carefully pull the offending article through the small gap. We missed this hidden piece of paper the first time we checked for obstructions so it's worth shining a torch in and having a good nose around!

Close your printer lid, power on the printer and et voila... Canon error code 6A81 is no more!

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6 Printing Websites, Blogs and Troubleshooting Sites


Excellent source of troubleshooting information for both Inkjet Printer and Laser Printer users. Contains troubleshooting advice and informative videos for both Compatible and Remanufactured Ink Cartridges, as well as instruction leaflets and Frequently Asked Questions for Toner issues. Looks fairly basic but contains a wealth of valuable information.


Very similar to inksupport.info above but much more modern in feel. Between the 2 sites they will give you a good idea of how to resolve most problems, or at least make sure you've covered the basics before contacting customer support for a solution.


Top blog containing the latest news and stories from the up and coming world of 3D Printing. Including stories such as 'The man who 3D Printed a working Lawnmower in 9 hours!' http://3dprint.com/34873/3d-printed-lawn-mower/ They also run a forum at http://3dprintboard.com/ for those with an interest in chatting with other like minded 3D Print enthusiasts!


Excellent site bringing the latest tech news from across the many technology industries. Internet, Gadgets and Science are amongst the top topics covered on a daily basis.


Expert Reviews provides well written and illustrated reviews on a number of tech topics. We like their Printer Review section the best though! As well as the reviews, you can find all the latest industry news here too. Other subjects covered range widely from TVs and Cameras to Mobiles and Tablets.


Excellent forum for Photographers ranging from amateur hobbyists to full time professionals. Excellent resource for advice on all aspects of photography including printer and printing advice. A very friendly, welcoming community where there are always people on hand to answer any queries.

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Canon Pixma MG5550 | Review

Canon Pixma MG5550The Canon Pixma MG5550 has been around for 16 months now, but is still a top quality printer for the home user or small business. Made even better by the current price tag, the MG5550 can be had for as little as £49.99 if you don't mind White, or £69.99 for the more traditional Black version.

The Pixma MG5550 features a 6.2" TFT screen, A4 document print speeds of 12.2 pages/min Monochrome and 8.7 pages/min Colour, Quality 'XL' capacity 5 cartridge ink system and has Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint support, as well as being smartphone and tablet ready. The staple features are of course included too. Fully wireless enabled, scanner/copier and duplex printing functionality as standard these days.

This all-in-one has a single paper input tray at the bottom of the printer but unfortunately doesn't feature a rear feed. Not great if you like to have both photo and regular paper installed for different print jobs. The input tray is somewhat fiddly as it is partly hidden away and really needs to be pulled out to reload paper accurately. The input tray is also without a cover unlike older printers in the Pixma range, so dust could be an issue and the output tray is nothing more than a thin piece of pull out plastic, which isn't really substantial enough when printing large volumes.

The dimensions of the Pixma MG5550 are 455 x 369 x 148mm which is quite a large footprint for an A4 printer, although it does have quite a low profile.

Other than those minor quibbles, the MG5550 displays all the hallmarks we've come to expect from Canon, solidly built, excellent performance and very efficient, especially when using the optional XL inks. Canon state expected Page Yields of 500 (@ 5% coverage) from the pigment Black used especially for high quality text prints, which when using quality compatibles can provide more efficient Monochrome results than using a Laser Printer.

Overall, we give the Canon Pixma MG5550


Buy Ink Cartridges for the Canon MG5550 Printer:

Canon Pixma MG5550 Ink Cartridges

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