Keep the kids busy during the school holidays - FREE PRINTABLES

The school holidays are here, why not put your printer to work with these FREE printables to keep the kids busy.

If your house is anything like mine then there is a mountain of left over Easter chocolate and kids climbing the walls, stuck inside due to the weather!

While we may not be able to neutralise the sugar high, we can help keep them occupied with some free printables. Just download, print and let the little monsters angels wear themselves out with an afternoon of craft.
Our friends over at have a great selection of activities to keep kids of all ages engrossed. We've selected a few of our favourites for you to download below.

Just Click, Print and grab a well earned cuppa!

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Mother's Day: Free Printable Cards

Mother's Day is just around the corner but it's not too late. Grab one our our Free cards to print at home and treat your Mum this Sunday.

All cards come in a handy Pdf, ready to print onto A4 paper / card of your choice and fold neatly into an A5 card.

To make it even easier why not pair them with one of our Greeting Card Kits and get that 'professional' look at home.

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Adverse Weather Alert

Due to the current adverse weather conditions affecting our region normal operations have been disrupted. We will be updating this page as the situation evolves.



Thursday 01/03/2018 - 17:30 PM

Again, Royal Mail were successful in making our evening collection and most orders were dispatched as expected. If you have received a 'Dispatch Confirmation' email, then your order has been handed to Royal Mall and is on its way.

We do remind customers that the adverse weather is affecting most delivery services aruond the country and to allow a little longer for Royal Mail to make thier deliveries. We appreciate your patience during this time.


Thursday 01/03/2018 – 08:30AM

Following the further snowfall overnight there is likely to be severe disruption to operations again today. We do have a small team that were able to safely make it in and they will be doing their best to ensure as many orders as possible are dispatched and that all your queries are answered.

Unfortunately, it may not be possible to get back to everyone or dispatch all orders on time with the limited resources we have available, so your patience at this time is very much appreciated.


Wednesday 28/02/2018 - 17:30 PM

Royal Mail were successful in making our evening collection and most orders were dispatched as expected. If you have received a 'Dispatch Confirmation' email, then your order has been handed to Royal Mall and is on its way. Of course, Royal Mail are experiencing problems with the weather also and have advised us things are likely to take a little longer than normal to reach customers. We appreciate your patience during this time.


Wednesday 28/02/2018 - 12:30 PM

We do have a small contingent of staff in the warehouse processing orders ready for dispatch. However, at this point we are still unsure as to whether Royal Mail will be able to make our collection this evening.


Wednesday 28/02/2018 - 9:30 AM

In the interest of staff safety and wellbeing we have taken the decision not to open our offices this morning. Those staff members that can do so will be providing support and assistance from home via our normal ‘Live Chat’ and email channels where possible.

Unfortunately, this means that any orders due to be dispatched today may not leave our warehouse as expected. We will be liaising with staff throughout the day and if safe for some staff to travel we may be able to reopen our warehouse later this afternoon. Of course, we are then also reliant on Royal Mail and our couriers to be able to make their usual collections from us, which at this point has not been confirmed possible.



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Valentine's Day: Free Printable Cards

Valentine's Day is upon us once again. Why not take advantage of our great, free printables and grab yourself a card to print at home.

All cards come in a handy Pdf, ready to print onto A4 paper / card of your choice and fold neatly into an A5 card.

To make it even easier why not pair them with one of our Greeting Card Kits and get that 'professional' look at home.

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DIY: InkJet Image Transfer to Wood


InkJet Image Transfer To Wood

Getting an image from your phone or computer and transferring it onto a wooden surface can open the door to all sorts of exciting projects!

A quick google search will yield plenty of differing  methods of transferring an image to wood. So, we tried a fair few out and came up with what we think is the easiest, fastest and all round best way to go about it:


You Will Need:

  • Wooden Block / Board – Goes without saying really!
  • InkJet Printer - A Laser printer won't cut it here unfortunately.
  • OHP Transparency Sheets – We had some lying around, but you can grab them here -
  • PVA Glue – Might as well stock up, this stuff comes in super handy -
  • Sandpaper (optional) – High grit (120 - 200) helps with tidying everything up.
  • Clear Lacquer or Varnish (optional) – You can use this to protect your work once finished if needed.


How it’s Done:

1. Coat the OHP Transparency with a thin layer of PVA Glue.

If your OHP sheet has a rough and a smooth / glossy side you need to coat the smooth / glossy side for this to work.
The thinner the layer, the better, but you want to make sure it is fully coated with no gaps.
Leave this to dry until the white PVA turns transparent, ideally overnight.

2. Print on to the COATED side of the Transparency with your InkJet printer.

You will need to print your image in reverse onto the side you just coated with PVA.
Check your image software or printer settings for 'Mirror Image' or 'Flip Horizontal' to achieve this.
Leave to dry for at least 1 hour.

3. Apply a thin film of PVA glue to your wooden Board.

Again, as thin as possible but making sure it's completely covered.

4. Place the Transparency 'Printed Side Down' onto your board.

Your image will now look the 'right way round' and will give you an idea of the finished product.
Smooth out all of the air bubbles and make sure all of the image is pressed firmly into the board.
Leave to dry completely. Again, overnight is ideal.
You'll know when it's ready as the PVA will be transparent once again.

5. Peel off the Transparency to reveal the image it leaves behind! 

The Transparency should come away easily, if not give it a little more drying time.
Clean up with a light sanding all over if required. Don't worry if a few bits flake away, this is all part of the rustic charm.
If you want to protect your work further, a clear coat of spray Lacquer or varnish will do the job.

Here’s The Video:

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DIY: Reactive Foil Transfer

DIY: Reactive Foil Transfer

Did you know, you can make your own expensive looking foil coated cards and invitations at home using your trusty laser printer, a standard laminator and inexpensive transfer foil?

Neither did we until recently, so we tasked our resident 'craft expert' Tom to give it a go and let us know how it's done. If you're more of a 'visual learner' you can skip below to see the video of the process in action. If not, here's how it's done:


You Will Need:

  • Reactive Foil Transfer – We got ours from Amazon here -
  • Laser Printer - A black only one will do, you won’t be printing in colour.
  • Your preferred stock – Paper, Card, even one of our Greetings Card Kits.
  • Scissors – To cut the foil.
  • 2 sheets of plain paper – To protect the foil from direct contact with the laminator.
  • Standard office or craft laminator – The heating process is what transfers the foil to the toner and keeps it there.


How it’s Done:

1. Print your image in black onto your desired stock (card, paper etc.) using a Laser Printer.

For this process to work you must use a laser printer, images printed using an inkjet printer will not work.
As a work around you could print your image with an inkjet printer and then take this to be photocopied onto your preferred stock.

2. Measure the amount of foil you need to cover the area you want to coat and lay it over with the ‘mirrored’ side up.

The foil will stick to any toner but not to any of the unprinted surface.
Any unused foil that goes through the laminator cannot be re-used so make sure to only cut enough to cover what you need.

3. Sandwich the Card / Foil between two sheets of standard copy paper.

This protects the foil as it goes through the laminator.

4. Send the layered assembly through the laminator.

The heat setting will depend on your laminator but we found a medium high heat worked best for us.
Too cold and the foil will not adhere properly to the toner.
To hot and the foil will ripple, and un-foiled toner areas will be damaged.
It is best to experiment with your laminator / card / foil combination before going for your final product.

5. Stand Back and admire your work!

You've done it! Now you need to resist the urge to foil everything that comes out of the printer!

Here’s The Video:

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HP 950/951 Series Firmware Update (September 2017)

HP Release New Firmware It has just been confirmed that HP have released another new Firmware (September 2017) for any printers recently affected by non working compatible 950/951 cartridges.

The new firmware file removes outdated supplies authentication measures as deployed in firmware version 1640AR or 1640CR that may prevent the printer from working with certain ink supplies that contain non-HP security chips. Please note that even with this change HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-HP supplies.

If you have one of the affected printers listed, then we recommend visiting the correct link for your printer below:

HP Officejet 8610/8615/8616

HP Officejet 8620/8625

HP Officejet 8630

HP Officejet 8640

HP Officejet 8660


1) Simply download the correct firmware file from the HP website by clicking the 'Download' button above that is relevant to your printer model.

2) The downloaded file can usually be found in your 'Downloads' folder in Windows. Double click the file, it will run and update your printers' firmware.

* do not take any responsibility for failed Firmware updates and as such, they are only to be undertaken at the customers own risk.


Let us know if this re-enables compatible cartridges for you!


Which Printers Are Affected:

  • HP Officejet Pro 8610
  • HP Officejet Pro 8615
  • HP Officejet Pro 8620
  • HP Officejet Pro 8625
  • HP Officejet Pro 8630
  • HP Officejet Pro 8640
  • HP Officejet Pro 8660
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The Inkredible Guide to Postage!

Postage Stamp

If only postage still cost 2p these days! Unfortunately, the cost of shipping has risen over the years, but we like to do as much as possible to make shipping as cheap and painless as possible!

There are a few issues we come across quite regularly when customers are looking to purchase ink cartridges. In this blog post we'll be covering postage, understanding your options and getting the best from it!

Which Postage Method Is Best For Me?

We try to make our choice of postage methods as clear as possible! Other companies sometimes hide behind false promises or bamboozle you with terminology or stats. Our postage options are as clear as we can make them and are available during the checkout process to compare at a glance, as follows:

FREE - Royal Mail 48 (Equivalent to 2nd Class Post). Royal Mail aim to deliver within 2-3 working days. Sometimes orders have been known to arrive the next day but sometimes they can take up to 5 days. This is a guideline only and we recommend waiting 5 working days from receiving your dispatch email before contacting us about missing post.

£1.00 - Royal Mail 24 (Equivalent to 1st Class Post). Royal Mail aim to deliver within 1 working day. Royal Mail claim 93% of all Royal Mail 24 Parcels are delivered the next working day, but they do not guarantee this. Likewise, the odd parcel may take up to 3 days to arrive, and again, this is just a guideline and not a guarantee of arrival times.

£5.00 - Guaranteed Next Day Delivery. This is the only shipping option that aims to guarantee delivery on the next working day after the order was placed. Provided that the order was placed before 3pm (Mon-Fri). Next Day Delivery does not include Saturday or Sunday, so items ordered on a Friday using this method should be expected on Monday.

If for any reason you do not receive your parcel within the 'Next Day' timescale, please get in touch with our customer service team and we will be happy to refund your £5.00 postage charge. Obviously from time to time, events outside of our control can happen, but we will make sure you are not left out of pocket!


Deciding What To Purchase?

This is almost as important as deciding on your postage method for some people. Nobody likes that potentially long and stressful journey to the Sorting Office, especially having to queue up to collect your undelivered parcel! If you're not generally in during the daytime when a parcel may arrive, we recommend learning what items you normally buy and work out what will fit through your letter box. It's too complex to list all of the possible combinations here, but a few examples of our most popular products are listed below:

Canon 5/8, 520/521, 525/526, 550/551, 570/571 Multipack - 2 Multipacks will fit through a standard letterbox
Canon 520/521, 525/526 Individuals- 12 Individuals will fit through a standard letterbox
Canon 5/8 Individuals- 10 Individuals will fit through a standard letterbox
Canon 550/551, 570/571 Individuals - 8 Individuals will fit through a standard letterbox

Epson T0715, 16XL, 18XL, 29XL, T1285, T1295 Multipack - 2 Multipacks will fit through a standard letterbox
HP 364XL Multipack - 3 Multipacks will fit through a standard letterbox
Brother LC123, LC223, LC980, LC970, LC1220/1240/1280 Multipack - 2 Multipacks will fit through a standard letterbox

Certain products are a little wider such as HP 950/951, 932/933, 920 and 934/935 for example. These may fit through a letterbox but it depends on the size of individual letterboxes.


Postage and Delivery Checklist!Delivery Van

  • It's always a good idea to have an idea of when you are likely to run out of ink and make sure you have re-ordered in plenty of time. Timescales listed above are only guidelines and we're quite often left in the hands of our 3rd party delivery services after items are dispatched.

  • If you order during a weekend, be aware that orders will start to be packed on Monday and the first day possible to receive a weekend order is Tuesday at the earliest.

  • At checkout, make sure you have selected your current correct delivery address. Many customers have several addresses saved and it is very easy at times to select an old or incorrect address by mistake. When logged into the website, old addresses can be edited or deleted from your account section under addresses. We recommend taking a few moments to delete any old or no longer used addresses which will make the checkout process quicker for you and eliminate the chances of a mistake being made.

  • Take care when entering your delivery details at checkout! We regularly see incorrect digits used in postcodes (i.e. ! instead of 1, & instead of 7, or a o instead of 0 etc.) Addresses are not routinely checked so any addresses selected or entered at checkout will be exactly where the parcel is sent. Luckily our warehouse pickers and packers spot a large % of mistakes before the parcel is sent but during busy periods, some can slip through the net!

  • Like us, you'll probably find yourself at work during the times you'd expect a parcel to arrive! Make sure you have set up a designated neighbour or selected a local post office with Royal Mail for those times you are not in. Many people now choose to get their parcels delivered to a work address where there will always be someone to accept delivery.
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Triple Points This Week Only
Offer Ends: 25/06/2017 

Summer is here and to celebrate the sunshine, we're giving away Triple Reward Points all this week!

To keep it simple we'll give you 3 Reward Points for every £1 you spend this week instead of the usual 1 Reward Point. To earn your points just shop as normal and we'll add the Triple Points to your account as soon as your order is dispatched.

But make the most of it, you've only got until midnight on Sunday to rack up the Rewards before we revert back to our standard 1 Point for every £1 spent.

3 Handy Reward Point Collecting Tips!

1 - If you don't currently require any Ink or Toner cartridges, why not see if your friends, family, work colleagues or neighbours need any ink? Order on their behalf and you could rack up the Reward Points, making your next order super, super cheap!

2 - If you only buy 1 set of ink at a time, take this opportunity to stock up and buy extra sets to earn more Reward Points for your account. Not only will you lessen the risk of running out of ink at an important time, your account credit will be nice and healthy for when you do need to buy again!

3 - Why not speak to the person in charge of ink supplies at your business or workplace and earn brownie points for saving your company money! With our competitive prices, reward points, free delivery and 30 day credit accounts available for qualifying organisations, many of our trade account holders would agree we make things simple at Inkredible!

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Samsung MLT-D116L Compatible Toner Cartridge - Installation Video

Due to recent enforced design changes to the Compatible D116L toner cartridge, the toner will need to be reset after installation following the process below.

You can view this process in action here.


  1. Insert toner and close the door.

  2. Wait for the light to turn solid Green and an error message may appear on the display.

  3. Hold down the button with a 'X' on it until the light starts to blink. Only release after the light turns solid Green again.

  4. The cartridge should then be reset and a test sheet may be printed.
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