How to Disable HP Automatic Firmware Updates (903/953 Cartridges)

How to Disable HP 903/953 Firmware

Printers Using HP 903/953 Cartridges

During the last few months HP have continued to install regular firmware updates to printers, which in turn, restrict the use of third party ink cartridges.  As always, we're working hard to continously provide updated cartridges as and when they're available.

Our customers have been asking how they can prevent further updates from happening in the future, so we put together this step by step guide. Menu systems can differ slightly between printers but the process is usually very similar.


Disable Firmware Update - Step 1

1) Select 'Setup' or the 'gear/cog' settings icon on your printer display panel (Depending on printer)


Disable Firmware Update - Step 2

2) Select 'Printer Maintenance' from the Setup menu


Disable Printer Firmware - Step 3

3) Select 'Update the Printer' from the Printer Maintenance menu


Disable Firmware Update - Step 4

4) Select 'Printer Update Options'


Disable Firmware Update - Step 5

5) Select 'Do Not Check'


This should prevent any future Automatic Firmware Updates from being received without your knowledge.

They may however prompt you to download a Firmware Update over Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection which should be rejected if you wish to continue using third party cartridges without disruption:


Disable Firmware Update - Step 7

1) If the 'Update Available' dialogue box should appear on your printer screen, select 'No'


Disable Firmware Updates - Step 7

2) Also answer 'No' to the secondary window as you do not wish to turn on updates

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FREE Birthday Invitations

Birthday Invitations

FREE Birthday Party Invitation Downloads!

Got a special birthday coming up for your son or daughter and need invitations?

We've all been there as parents... 31 children to invite from their class and only 30 invites in a pack! Panic no more with our free Birthday Party Invitation templates!

Our simple designs are perfect for any party, all you have to do is download, print and send the invitations out to all their friends. Print as many as you need without the worry of wasting any spares or having to buy more if you run out.

They look superb when printed on our High Quality A4 Matt Photo Paper too!

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FREE Easter Decorations!

Free Easter Decorations

Easter has arrived at Inkredible!

Just look a these cute FREE Easter Decorations. We have paper chains, rabbits and eggs to download so you can make your very own display.

Simply follow our simple step to step guides to make these cute and fun decorations with all the family!

Don't forget you can still grab our fantastic Easter Cards and Invitations and go all out this Easter Bank Holiday!

3D Easter Eggs & Bunnies

You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Printed Inkredible Easter Templates DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Glue
  • String / Wool


How it’s Done:

Step 1

Print Inkredible’s Easter Egg template on to a high setting (available in your printer settings when you select print) so you get the desired print effect.

Step 2

Carefully cut around each egg, you may want an adult to do this for you.

Step 3

Pick 4 eggs which have different patterns. Fold them in half vertically (so the pattern is on the inside) then glue the reverse side where there is no pattern. Do this on all four eggs.

Step 4

Using the glued edge stick to eggs together then do the same with the other 2 remaining patterns.

Step 5

Put your string in a loop and put in the centre of one of the paired eggs. Leave enough loop so you can hang it. Hold this in place and then stick the other paired eggs on to to hide the string. Complete the above steps for all the eggs and hang your decoration.


Have the kids colour in their own eggs and do the same steps with their unique designs. You will then have a fantastic looking Easter Tree! Try the same with our rabbit template!

Easter Paper Chains

You Will Need:

  • Scissors
  • Printed Inkredible Paper Chain Templates DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Glue, tape or stapler


How it’s Done:

Step 1

Print Inkredible’s Easter paper chain template (we printed 4 sheets but you can print as many as you like) on to a high setting (available in your printer settings when you select print) so you get the desired print effect.

Step 2

Cut out each strip carefully, ask an adult to help you if needed.

Step 3

Make the first “link.” All you need to do is tape, glue, or staple the far ends of one paper strip together into a ring. Try to match up the sides evenly.

Step 4

Add a second link. Once you have one sturdy ring, thread another strip of paper through the centre of the loop. Now, join the ends of this second strip together with tape, staples, etc.

Step 5

Keep adding links. Continue in the same pattern until your chain is as long as you want it.


Have the kids colour in their own strips and do the same steps with their unique designs. You will then have a fantastic looking Easter Tree!

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Easter Cards and Invitations

Free Easter Printables

Looking for Easter cards and invitations?

Then look no further with our FREE Easter Egg Hunt party invitations and Easter greeting cards. Simply download, print and invite your friends and family. All you’ll need is envelopes to pop them in!

We have two options to choose from, full colour or black and white (if you want to print on brown recycled card), either one will be sure to capture your audience with our simple cute and fun designs.

To make it even easier why not pair them with one of our Greeting Card Kits and get that 'professional' look at home.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog which will feature Easter fun ideas to help entertain the kids during the Easter break.

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Keep the kids busy this Easter - FREE Reward Chart!


Keep your little ones out of mischief during the easter holidays with our FREE reward chart!

Choose their tasks and collect stars for each task they complete. They’ll be proud to see what they have achieved, especially when there is a little reward at the end of it!


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Don’t Forget Me!

Ink Cartridge Reminder - FREE PRINTABLE

Getting low on printer ink and need a reminder to re-order? Forgotten which inks your printer needs? Well don’t worry – we’ve got it covered. 

Simply download one of our Inkredible Reminder Cards, fill in your printer details and pop it in your wallet, or by your work computer, so that it’s always to hand when you need it 😊


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Mother's Day 2019

Mothers Day Printables

Want to add that personal touch for mum this Mother’s Day? .

Why not download one of our FREE Mother’s Day card designs and show her you’re thinking of her. Just choose your favourite, click to download it and then print!

The A4 paper/card will then fold perfectly into an A5 card. Just drop it into an envelope and hand it over to your Mum (perhaps with an obligatory bunch of daffodils) 😊

To make it even easier why not pair them with one of our Greeting Card Kits and get that 'professional' look at home.

Feeling a bit more Crafty?

Why not try your hand at a 3D tulip card for mum? Break out the scissors and glue, download the FREE template and get cutting & sticking your way to the ultimate DIY Mother’s Day Card!

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Let's Get Organised! FREE Weekly Planner

Let's Get Organised - FREE PRINTABLE

Need help getting organised for the week ahead? Why not download our FREE 'Let's Get Organised Template?'


  1. Write a to-do list
  2. Prioritise your jobs
  3. Plan your weekly meals
  4. Jot down important notes
  5. Download and reprint for future weeks ahead to keep you organised


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Love Is In The Air... FREE Valentine's Day Cards

Free Printables

Love is in the air... FREE Valentine's printables to print at home.

It's that time of year and once again we've got some fantastic FREE Valentine's card designs for you to print off at home for that special someone in your life!

All cards come in a handy Pdf ready to print onto A4 paper / card of your choice and fold neatly into an A5 card.
To make it even easier why not pair them with one of our Greeting Card Kits and get that 'professional' look at home.

Looking for more?

grab one of our free valentines printables from last year.

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DIY: Personalised Photo Keyrings

Make your own Personalised Photo Keyrings

DIY: Personalised Photo Keyrings

We show you how you can use your own printer and inexpensive blank keyring kits to make your own personalised Photo Keyrings at home.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the video of the process in action. Here's how it's done:


You Will Need:

  • Acrylic Blank Photo Keyrings – We bought in bulk from Amazon, perfect for making gifts but smaller packs are available:
  • Inkjet Printer – Your trusty home inkjet printer will be perfect, nothing special required here.
  • Your preferred photo paper – We used our 190gsm Matt Photo Paper but any quality photo paper should work provided it's not too thick.
  • Guillotine– To cut your photos nice and straight.


How it’s Done:

1. Print your Photos at the correct size using the highest quality setting on your printer.

For our Keyrings we printed the photos 46mm x 32mm for a perfect fit. If you buy different keyring blanks you may need to experiment to find the perfect size for you photos.

We also set the paper type on our Canon MG5750 printer to 'High Quality Matt Photo Paper' and selected 'Best' under the quality settings.

2. Cut your photos using the guillotine.

Regular scissors or a craft knife will do just fine but we found using a guillotine gave the sharpest edges and best results.

3. Stack the cut photos 'back to back' and insert into the Keyring.

Once everything is positioned correctly the back cover should just 'snap' into place.
We found some of the back covers had little bits of excess plastic than prevented a good fit but these broke off easily.

4. Stand Back and admire your work!

You've done it! These personalised keyrings also make fantastic gifts for friends and family!

Here’s The Video:


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