Print Your Own Halloween Candles

Print Halloween Candles

Print Your Own Halloween Candles

What do you need?

  1. Pillar candles
  2. Tissue paper (or paper napkins)
  3. Inkjet printer and paper
  4. Glue stick
  5. Scotch tape
  6. Hair dryer

How do I create my candles?


Cut the tissue paper a few inches smaller than the printer paper and then scotch tape the tissue or napkin to the paper. When you are finished, run an iron over it a few times on the lowest setting to make sure it is perfectly flat. Once done you can then print the image on to the tissue paper.


Cut out your image. It is advised to cut through both tissue and the paper, this also makes it easier to cut round.


Wipe some glue around the edges of the design and stick the image to the candle- this helps to prevent the tissue paper from moving when you use the hair dryer.


Hold the hair dryer a few inches away and go over the design. The candle will heat up and the tissue paper will begin to merge into the candle. The white parts of the tissue paper will start to disappear and by magic you will have your Halloween candle!


This is great fun for the kids, especially during school holidays to keep them entertained! Why not get the kids to design their own pictures, simply scan them in and print them on to tissue paper. The possibilities are endless!

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Epson Release Latest Printers

Epson Release Latest Inkjet Printer Range
Epson XP-2100

Epson XP-2100/XP-2105

Epson XP-3100

Epson XP-3100/XP-3105/XP-4100

Epson WF-2810DW

Epson WF-2810DWF

Epson WF-2830DWF

Epson WF-2830DWF/WF-2850DWF

Home Printing

First up is Epson's entry level offering for home users, the Expression Home XP-2100 and XP-2105 models.

These 3 in 1 machines offer everything you'd expect for home use including wireless connectivity, print, copy and scan functions and a neat 3.7cm LCD screen. They can output Mono A4 prints up to 27PPM and Colour prints can hit 15PPM.

Next up are the XP-3100, XP-3105 and XP-4100. Although they are very similar to the entry level models, they do offer an increased Mono printing speed of 33PPM while the larger XP-4100 features a 6.1cm LCD screen and has a more substantial home office footprint, weighing in at 6.6Kg

Business Printing

Business users are also catered for with the entry level WorkForce Pro WF-2810DWF.

A small 4 in 1 office printer featuring print, copy, scan and fax facilities and built to the similar small footprint of the new home printers. Output has been increased however with the WorkForce printers able to provide 33PPM Mono and 18PPM in colour on standard A4 printing paper while it can also complete a 10cm x 6cm glossy print in 38 seconds.

The WF-2830DWF has a 3.7cm LCD screen while the WF-2850DWF has a larger 6.1cm screen. Both models feature an Automatic Document Feeder making for easier scanning and copying. All Printers in the WorkForce range use individual inks so you can save money by only replacing the colour used!

Epson 603 Black

Epson 603 Black (3.4ml)

Epson 603XL Black (8.9ml)

Epson 603 Cyan

Epson 603 Cyan (2.4ml)

Epson 603XL Cyan (4ml)

Epson 603 Magenta

Epson 603 Magenta (2.4ml)

Epson 603XL Magenta (4ml)

Epson 603 Yellow

Epson 603 Yellow (2.4ml)

Epson 603XL Yellow (4ml)

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Halloween Party Invites

Halloween Party Printables

FREE Halloween Party Invite Printables!

Having a spooktacular Halloween party this October?

Then check out our quick and easy printable Halloween party invitations and FREE bonus colouring sheet to keep the little nippers occupied!

We have 2 scary designs to choose from in a handy pdf format, so just print as many as you want or send the file to anyone else in need. Feel free to share with friends, family or colleagues on social media or via email! (We recommend Matt Photo Paper for the best results).

Don't spend pounds when you can print these for pennies!

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Canon Announces Latest All-in-One Printers

Canon Announces Latest
All-In-One Printers

For those home users that require style and substance, the latest Canon All-in-One compact home printers might be just what you’re looking for. Canon have released four new printers this month, designed to use the latest PGI-580 and CLI-581 range of ink cartridges and are targeting the young, artistic and creative… Just in time for that return to College or University

Canon are also releasing a new two tank printer in the coming months in Pink and Mint Green variants if you really want to jazz up your office!

Style and colour co-ordination are important considerations for many consumers and Canon are leading the way in the printing industry by producing printers in several colourways to match your office or interior design. The new 5 cartridge printers are named Pixma TS6350 and Pixma TS6351 and are coloured Black and White respectively, while the more expensive 6 cartridge printers, Pixma TS8350 and Pixma TS8352, are coloured Black and Red respectively but each feature a stylish Silver/Grey trim around input ports.

Features of the 580 and 581 range

Whilst the PGI-580 and CLI-581 are the latest range of ink cartridges from Canon, they are sold alongside the previous but still very popular PGI-570 and CLI-571 range. Both cartridge ranges feature the same ‘FINE Technology’ and ‘ChromaLife100’ ink system but with one subtle change… Canon’s new 580/581 range has placed the emphasis on colour home printing by introducing a Photo Blue cartridge in place of the usual Grey cartridge.

This change in direction could be a game changer for consumers as they can now produce High Quality colour prints at home. In our experience, we find Cyan is generally regarded as the most used cartridge in colour printing so the new Photo Blue should help provide greater vibrancy in colour prints and a reduction in grain when printing in the blue to white colour range.

As well as being lifestyle themed in design, the 6 cartridge printers also benefit from automatic paper width sensing, optional 5ghz wireless band as well as the standard 2.4Ghz and a large 4.3” touchscreen.

Canon cartridge history

For years, Canon cartridge ranges have featured a Black ‘Pigment’ cartridge for producing sharply defined text, alongside a further standard Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Canon also produced a few higher end professional printers back in the day which utilised an additional Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, Red and Green. These were and still are to this day used by professional photographers and cost upwards of £500.

Several years ago, Canon introduced an extra Grey cartridge to some of their home printers to improve the finish and tone of printed photographs. Initially, just a couple of printers in the PGI-520/CLI-521 range took advantage of the extra cartridge before a major shift occurred upon release of the PGI-525/CLI-526 range, with over 40% of the printers capable of using the Grey. This continued with the popular PGI-550/CLI-551 range and the more recent PGI-570/CLI-571 range, both of which are still going strong. With the introduction of a Photo Blue, the sixth cartridge really is Canon’s secret weapon and the key feature that sets the 580 and 581 range apart from their rivals.

Home printing is making a come back

Advancements in printing technology are a welcome sight and lend weight to the argument that home printing is making a comeback. 20 years ago a home printer was an essential tool, which sat nearby the home desktop computer in most houses. In recent years, following the rise of portable technology like tablet computers, E-readers, smartphones and PDF file types, you’d have expected the demand for home printing to fall.

Luckily though, manufacturers like Canon haven’t been sitting on their hands and have continued to strive for innovative new ways to perfect their products, and it’s fair to say the market has noticed. The increase in ‘e-ticket’ services such as sporting, concert and flight tickets has promoted the printer to the forefront of the home office once more.

Environmentally friendly cartridges

Canon also strive to make their cartridges as environmentally friendly as possible. Every Genuine cartridge is 100% recyclable and reusable. They have even set up a Recycling scheme where empty Genuine Canon ink cartridges and toners can be sent back to them directly for reuse and they’re are actively encouraging their customers to do so. Not only does this help customers reduce their personal carbon footprint but it also further enhances Canon’s reputation, it’s win-win.

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Name Our Mascots!

Name Our Mascots

Name Our Mascots!

It's nearly the end of the Summer holidays and we know the kids will be driving you crazy by now!

Keep them quiet for 10 minutes by simply downloading and printing our ink mascot colouring sheet... Ask the kids to colour our characters in and give them a name.

Upload a picture of the completed picture to our Facebook page HERE and we will send you a £5.00 discount code to use on any future purchase!

(P.S. Adults are allowed to colour too! We know how lazy kids can be, especially at the end of the holidays!)

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How Long Has A4 Been The Go-To Office Paper?

How long has A4 been
the go-to office paper?

Imagine your business receiving letters of different sizes, or each member of your staff printing documents on different sizes of paper. Would this cause chaos and complete disorder in your office environment? Secretaries and office workers would have the difficult task of sorting, arranging and storing them!

It is this confusion that led to the creation of A4 as the standard paper size for offices, which measures 210 × 297mm or 8.27 × 11.69 inches. While other formats are still used, their frequency does not surpass that of A4. A4 photo paper can also fit into almost any kind of printer. Let's have a look at the history of paper sizes and why A4 was chosen as the size preferred for corporate use.

History of A4

The A paper series was created in Germany in 1922. The first series was composed of three paper sizes: A4, A3, and A2; A2 is double the size of A3, which in turn is double the size of A4. In other words, the A paper series is made up of sizes that are either double or half the size of its immediate counterpart. As the years went by, the A-series was accepted by many countries across the globe.

The UK adopted A4 paper in 1959. In 1975, the United Nations (which was established after the end of the second world war) adopted the paper format as an ISO standard. Within two years after its adoption by the UN, A4 printer paper was being used in more than 88 countries across the world. Today, it is used in Europe, Africa, and Asia, and has been adopted by all countries in the world except Canada and the United States. However, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, and the Philippines still use the US letter format despite officially adopting the ISO standard.

How much does A4 paper weigh?

The weight of A4 can vary depending on its gsm, but 80gsm A4 paper, which is commonly used, typically weighs 5g. In comparison, a sheet of 80gsm A2 paper weighs 20g while 80gsm A3 paper weighs 10g.

A4 Paper - 5 Grams
A3 Paper - 10 Grams
A2 Paper - 20 Grams

Why did so many countries adopt A4 paper?

There are several reasons as to why the A-series was accepted as the ISO for paper use. As mentioned earlier, the A-series was invented in Germany in 1922. The system was adopted by many paper mills which were later destroyed during World War Two. As the economy recovered post-1945, new paper mills produced these paper sizes to carry on the tradition.The adaptability of A4 has also made it popular. For example, it can be used in any printer, saving office workers the hassle of looking for various paper formats for their different machines. A4 photo printing is also popular with designers for image resizing.

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FREE Wedding Stationery Printables

Wedding Stationery Printables

FREE Wedding Stationery Printables!

Getting Married?

We’ve got a few printables for your special day which will save you a pretty penny – put it towards your Honeymoon instead. After all, it’s all about you, right?

Take a look at our table plans, table numbers and name cards, and if you like any of the six themes, just load them into your editing software, such as Word, and ‘insert object’ to enter your details and hit print.

It’s that quick and easy, and you’ve just saved yourself a small fortune.

The following fonts look great with these printables: Helvetica, Baskerville, Georgia, Gill Sans, but if you’re looking for something a bit more tailored, check out the other free fonts available such as those here: 

1 - With our Blush Rose table cards, you’ll be dining like Royalty. The simple and elegant rose gold prints will have your table arrangements looking fabulous.

2 - Looking for a more simplistic theme? These Geometric Gold placards are outstanding and edgy, and perfect for the classiest of occasions.

3 - Pretty it up with the Rose Petals design. What could be more romantic than dining in a covering of pink rose petals?

4 - The Sweetly Tropical theme is pretty and fresh, perfect for a summer wedding – the turquoise colours on the hexagonal cards will look beautiful against any table setting.

5 - Our Vintage Floral design is perfect for the nature or festival lovers. Printed onto recycled card, they make for the ultimate table setting amongst a rustic greenery or wildflower theme.

6 - Or why not keep it simple, smart and natural with our Hexagon Vintage Floral designs.

Whichever theme you choose, we just know it’s going to be beautiful. From all of us here at Inkredible HQ, we wish you the most wonderful day and the happiest of futures together.

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FREE Fathers Day Printable Cards!

Fathers Day Printables

FREE Father's Day Printable Cards!

It's that time of year again to show our love to all the Dads out there!

Simply click the links below to download our 3 quick and easy Father's Day cards then print them out at home.

Don't forget you can still grab our fantastic A5 Greeting Card Kits and any ink you might need from our June sale!

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FREE Garden Planner

Garden Planner.

FREE Garden Planner Downloads!

Do you enjoy a bit of the good life but want to organise your garden?

Our design team have put together some FREE Planners which will help to get you organised in your garden this summer. Whether it's planting vegetables, seeds or planning a new layout for your beds, our free templates will help you to plan ahead.

Simply download and print as many times as you like, you’ll soon be giving Alan Titchmarsh a run for his money!

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How to Disable HP Automatic Firmware Updates (950/951 & 970/971 Cartridges)

How to Disable HP 950/970 Firmware

Printers Using HP 950/951 or 970/971 Cartridges

During the last few months HP have continued to install regular firmware updates to printers, which in turn, restrict the use of third party ink cartridges.  As always, we're working hard to continously provide updated cartridges as and when they're available.

Our customers have been asking how they can prevent further updates from happening in the future, so we put together this step by step guide. Menu systems can differ slightly between printers but the process is usually very similar.


Step 1

1) Select the 'gear/cog' setup icon on your printer display panel


Step 2

2) Select 'Web Services' from the Setup menu


Step 3

3) Select 'Printer Update' from the Web Services menu


Step 4

4) Toggle 'Auto Update' to OFF


This should prevent any future Automatic Firmware Updates from being received without your knowledge.

They may however prompt you to download a Firmware Update over Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection which should be rejected if you wish to continue using third party cartridges without disruption:


Disable Firmware Update - Step 7

1) If the 'Update Available' dialogue box should appear on your printer screen, select 'No'


Disable Firmware Updates - Step 7

2) Also answer 'No' to the secondary window as you do not wish to turn on updates

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