The INKredible World Cup 2018 Reward Points Extravaganza!

Like many of our customers, we'll be cheering on the England team in Russia this summer (Apologies to our customers from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Europe!)

To celebrate this summer's festival of football, we hope to be giving out Reward Points left, right and centre based on England's success!

We'll be following England's group games with interest and if they score 2 goals in a game, we will boost Reward Points from 1% to 2%!

If they go goal crazy, we'll follow suit and boost Reward Points for 24 hours!

2 Goals


2% Reward Points

3 Goals


3% Reward Points

4 Goals


4% Reward Points

5 Goals


5% Reward Points

What do I need to do?

Reward Points

Nothing! Just sit back, enjoy the football and we'll let you know if and when Reward Points will be boosted!

We'll keep this page updated with the final score from England's games and also keep your eyes peeled for our emails containing information on Reward Point boosts and when they are active.

Who Do England Play?


England 2 - 1 Tunisia
Kane 11
Kane 90+1

2% Reward Points


England 6 - 1 Panama
Kane 22, 45+1, 62
Stones 8, 40 Lingard 36

6% Reward Points


Thursday 28th June


Terms & Conditions

If England score 0 or 1 goals in a game, Reward Points remain unaffected and will stay at 1% on all purchases

If England score 2 or more goals in a game, Reward Points awarded on all purchases will increase to the equivalent % for a limited 24 hour period

The 24 hour period during which Reward Points may be boosted will commence from 9am on the following morning from the game

We will update this page with relevant results and any increase to Reward Points. We will also send out an email should there be a new Reward Points rate