Why it's all about the font

What's your favourite font? Here at INKredible we favour Times New Roman – simple, straight-laced, open and honest – a lot like our good selves!

Sans Serif? Comic Sans? Wingdings? You're having a laugh, aren't you?

Seriously though – we felt a blog about fonts was high time, given – and you'd be forgiven for not knowing this –  that the font you choose can vary the amount of ink that you use when printing.

In fact, it's one of several ways you can make your ink and toner last that little bit longer.

We're well into our green practices here at INKredible – and rightly recognise the good it can do for the environment – as well as your back pocket, of course.

On top of that, reducing the amount of waste cartridges, thinking of ways you can save on ink benefits you in the long run.

According to Which?, the consumer rights organisation, there are a range of steps you can take to bring down the cost of home printing.

"Printing in draft when you don't need best quality will save on ink," a spokesperson said. 

"Even changing the font you use or the font size can vary the amount of ink that hits the page - therefore affecting ink running costs." 

When it comes to getting a good price on ink and toner, people were advised to shop around, particularly if you're buying ink from the same brand as your printer. 

"Which? found you can end up paying up to twice as much for the same cartridge, depending on where you shop," the spokesperson added.

"Using ink from a brand that's different from your printer - non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or third party - is an option, as these can sometimes work out cheaper."


What are your tips for cutting down the cost of printing? Share them here. And tell us your favourite font, too.

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