Why buy your jewellery when you can print it?

Where 3D printing has been used extensively for manufacturing, it is slowly but surely making its way into other industries. Printed bikinis, guitars and cars have all been showcased in recent months and now you can add jewellery to that list.

Not chunky plastic necklaces or earrings, oh no. Cookson Precious Metals have created 3D printed jewellery made from, surprise surprise, precious metals.

One of the advantages of making jewellery using 3D printing is the complete lack of waste.

For example, instead of melting metal down for earrings, shaping it and then filing off any rough edges or imperfections, the earrings are built up on the 3D printer layer by layer using an 'already prefect' computer design.

The process is also much faster than hand-making intricate items of jewellery. As time is money, this process greatly reduces production cost.

The technology is still relatively new so buying 3D printed jewellery may be more expensive than 'regular' jewellery now, but who knows, you could be designing and printing your own jewellery in a few years' time!

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