What are you doing for green office week?

It's Green Office Week this month – what are you planning on doing for the event?

The gang here at INKredible are gearing up for the initiative, which kicks off on May 14th, already, you'll no doubt be excited to hear! 

The week, organised and founded by Avery, is all about encouraging offices to come up with some fun and interesting ideas to make their work spaces that little bit greener. 

The week is structured so that each day focuses on a specific environmental aspect: energy (Monday), transport (Tuesday), waste (Wednesday), purchasing (Thursday) and innovation (Friday).


The emphasis is on fun and simplicity – so there's no big complicated ideas involved. 

Avery thinks it's perfectly possible to make a big difference to the environment simply by making a few small, practical changes.


Here's what the INKredible team are planning on doing for Green Office Week: 

Monday (energy) – turn off those lights that don't get used 

Tuesday (transport) – cycle to work! 

Wednesday (waste) – well we already recycle all our office paper, so we're going to enable the standby mode on office equipment printers and photocopiers 

Thursday (purchasing) – send out some digital invoices 

Friday (innovation) – celebrate our Green Office Week with a trip to the pub (OK that's a joke, we will be doing something innovative, promise...)


What are your plans?

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