Waste toner used to create paint

19 April 2012
Waste toner used to create paint

According to the Sunday Star-Times, Wayne Grieve of Toner Recycling (TR) has been on a "mission" to recycle every single bit of the many thousands of waste printer toner his firm collects – that's plastic, print head, toner, everything.

While plastic and metal recycling was easy, Wayne found putting the toner to good use more of a task. And when you've enough toner to fill 1,000 1litre bottles, that's an awful lot of toner you've got hanging around.

"Finding a path for the waste toner was the missing piece of the jigsaw," Wayne told the newspaper.

After hooking up with a local company, Enviropaints, TR found it could extract toner for use in commercial and outdoor paints – something never done before.

Because the toner is polymer-based, it could be used in paints. The trick was to extract the toner by colour, instead of in bulk.

After a six-month trial, the first paint using the toner was produced.

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