This Time It's PersonalHere at INKredible we receive offer emails every day from companies we've had dealings with. Problem is, the majority of these have nothing to do with the product we initially bought or, due to the passage of time are now irrelevant.

We don't like this, and we know you guys don’t either.

That’s why when we send you our monthly offers we try our best to make sure each and every one is tailored specifically for you and your printer.

Now, as much as we like to think we have special powers, (I’m looking at you INKredible Barry!), we sometimes need a little help to make sure we are sending you the right offers. This is where our ‘Favourites’ come in.

Simply Log in and click on ‘My Account’ and you will see ‘Your Favourite Categories’. When a product in one of these categories is on offer we’ll send you an email to let you know, nice huh?

If you have changed your printer, or simply no longer want to be notified of special offers for that category just hit that little ‘Remove’ button and voilà it’s gone. When you order for your new printer it will be automatically added to this list and we’ll let you know when it’s time to save.

What’s that I here you say?.. “What if I want to know about the offers before I order?”

Well, in the words of that annoying meerkat, it’s simples! Just find the product you’re interested in on our website, see that little ‘Add to Favourites’ button at the top, click it. Job done! Stick the kettle on and wait for the offers to come rolling in.



  • Richard
    07/01/2014 18:58

    Have changed printer to Canon Pixma, MG7150

    Please advise of offers.

    Thank you.

  • Alan
    08/01/2014 00:38

    Have changed to Canon Pixma MG5350.
    Please advise of offers. Is there any chance of returning my unused Roberts Cartridges

  • 04/02/2014 18:59

    Have changed printer to epson xp412 please advise of offers
    Thank you

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