The worst fonts

Some people hardly pay any attention to the font they use, but for us here at INKredible it's a bit of a big deal.
Well we would say that wouldn't we? We are in the business of selling ink and toner cartridges, after all.
But really – we're quite keen on fonts. And we suspect you probably are, too. After all, anyone who takes a bit of pride in their work wants to make sure it looks good, right?
But the thing is...aren't some of the fonts you see today just awful? Whether it's some junk mail through the post or a university PowerPoint presentation, there are some really nasty fonts out there – in our view anyway.
So here's four of our least favourite fonts. Of course, you might disagree. Which is fair enough.

Comic Sans
Now, you just knew this one was going to make our list didn't you? Probably the most hated font of all, Comic Sans is a word you won't hear uttered all that often at INKredible towers.
Just look at it: it's so childish and informal, yet so many people use if you important things, like presentations, adverts and essays. Weird.
And what's the name all about? Comic Sans? What does that even mean?

Monotype Corsiva
Looking for a little, um, je ne sais quoi ? Opt for Monotype Corsiva. Or don't, if you want people to take you seriously.

Just awful. It's horribly blocky, far too thick and attempts to look 'cool' when in fact it, er, isn't cool.  At all.

Who on earth actually uses this?
Us neither....


  • Carolyn
    03/05/2012 13:45

    Somebody takes the trouble to update your blog with quite interesting and amusing observations.  Well done - just letting you know that somebody reads them!

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