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Love us? Hate us? Somewhere in between? That's OK - your feedback is really important to us, and we accept it all here at INKredible - however it comes.

So no matter what you want to tell us - that we're fantastic, that we're sexy (steady on now), that we could do a bit better, we always want to hear from you.

At the moment we've nearly 2,000 reviews from real customers, the majority of whom tell us they're really, really happy with our service (you can see all the most recent feedback on our homepage).

We love to hear from our community of customers and we're always open to new ideas. And we work through all feedback that comes through to us, ensuring we address any issues that come up.

How to leave feedback
Shortly after you've received your order you will receive an email from our friends over at eKomi asking what you think of us, simply follow the instructions on the email to let us know.

Alternatively simply click on the 'feedback' tab that sits across the right-hand side of each page on our website. From there, you can report an error or leave general feedback with us.

The main things we're interested in are:

That your order was processed with care, quickly and efficiently, and that you got it in super-quick time
Site navigation – is it easy to work your way around the INKredible site? It should be! But if not, we want to know why
Support – we're working hard to create a dedicated support section – so our site is also a go-to support centre for printer and consumables queries. That's because we want you come to use for useful ink, toner and printer information –as well as buying your consumable with us

If there's something else you'd like to talk to use about, or you just prefer it this way, give us a ring or fill out an online form.
And if you're looking for a refund, check this blog out that tells you how to go about it.

Go on, tell us what you think. We're big boys, we can handle it!


  • george
    10/01/2014 19:59

    Received my ink cartridges this morning as usual excellent
    delivery and a fantastic product.Thank you
    A very satisfied customer
    George from Rothwell

  • Ross
    30/09/2015 17:29

    Very fast delivery. Excellent service and great value for money.  Will be coming back!

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