Special types of printer paper

Humans are often reminded that they should be eating a varied diet - and sometimes the same can be said for printers.

There is a wide range of paper types available, and they can be great items to use in adding a touch of spice to your printing activity, provided you check they are compatible with your printer before you start feeding time. Just like people, some printers could be allergic to certain things!

Photographs are often one of people's favourite printed treats. But printing pictures like this onto plain paper often doesn't lead to the best results.

For a quick trial print, or when you're not too fussed about quality, it'll be more than fine. But for a glossier result, more akin to the sort of prints that you would get if you had a film developed professionally, special photo paper is the way to go.

And don't forget that for those who like to save the planet, there are plenty of high quality recycled papers that can be used in printers. These are a great way for users to do their bit for the globe while enjoying the benefits of printer use.

It's also worth remembering that, whatever you happen to be printing, white isn't the only way to go. It's always possible to print onto a different shade of printer paper, perhaps as a way of adding a sense of fun to a document.

Meanwhile, your printer's precious ink doesn't even necessarily need to end up on a piece of paper at all, when you make use of the special transfer products available.

If you have an image – or even a piece of text – that you love enough to wear, it's possible to buy printer paper that you can stick it onto via your friendly printer, using the trusty iron to pop it onto the likes of a T-shirt. Oh, look at that... We have some here!

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