Solar powered printer launched in Africa

A solar powered printer, the RISOLAR, has been launched in Africa. Created mainly for the education sector, this printer is the epitome of resourceful.

Specially made to capitalise on the sunny weather in African countries, this printer is equipped with a solar panel that is placed in direct sunlight for six hours.

The printer was launched in Liberia by the RISO Corporation and will be marketed to 30 Liberian educational institutions before it is sold to individuals for private use.

Jason Rose, export manager for RISO, told the Liberian Observer: "Even when printing and the power goes down, one can still be able to print. This solution is perfect for areas with sporadic power issues and provides you with up to two days worth of printing without electricity."

The RISO KZ30 can print up to 1,000 copies a day and has sufficient energy storage capability to run for two additional days with no sunlight.

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