Selling used printers

While modern printers certainly last for many years, you’re probably going to be in need of upgrading to a new one at some point during the life of your business.

In the modern world the needs of companies are changing rapidly and your printing devices will often need to be able to accommodate those changes.

Indeed, it wasn’t so long ago that the most offices were producing the majority of their documents in black and white and any need to print glossy photo documents in full colour was usually contracted out to specialist printing firms.

But nowadays, many companies find it easier to buy a printer which enables them to handle all their printing demands in house.

The problem when upgrading to a new device, though, can often be what to do with your old one.

Of course you could take it to an eco-friendly rubbish dump, but if it still works fine and the only reason you don’t want it anymore is because your company has evolved, then it could be suitable for someone else to get some enjoyment out of.

With that being the case then it might be a smart move to try and sell it. But how to find a buyer? After all, people aren’t just going to walk into your office and say "I’ll give you X for your printer" (they’d be trespassing for a start).

Here are some options to consider;

Online auction sites

eBay considers itself to be the world’s marketplace and it is certainly a good place to find a buyer as there are literally millions of people logging on each day looking to make a purchase or two. Ebid is another site which operates on the same premise.

When making a listing on one of these sites it makes sense do some research on how much your printer model will be worth. Just bear in mind that if you do make a sale, the auction site will take a small fee for their troubles.

Classified ads

These tend to be hyper-local and are often found in the back pages of newspapers.

Again you need to know roughly how much to price your printer at and you also need to be able to write an advert which captures people’s interest.

Newspapers will usually charge a fee for your listing but advertising on websites like Craigslist is free.

Recycle firms

There are companies out there whose business it is to buy-in old electrical devices and refurbish them for re-sale or strip the parts from them to sell as spares. Often these companies will pay you something for your product.

These are particularly helpful if your printer is broken and would be difficult to sell online or in newspaper listings.

Whichever way you decide to sell, just make sure that you test the printer before giving it to the buyer and clearly set out any issues it may have before making a listing because you don’t want someone claiming that you have misled them in order to garner a sale.

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