Samsung all-in-ones to use Kodak ink technology

04 May 2012
Samsung all-in-ones to use Kodak ink technology

As part of the agreement, described in almost military terms as a "strategic alliance", Samsung is to fit its all-in-one printers with Kodak proprietary ink technology. 

The Europe-wide initiative will mean when you buy a Samsung AIO, it'll be jam-packed with Kodak ink technology. 

A bit like BMW having Volkswagen parts inside, right? Well sort of... 

Mark Kurtz, general manager of consumer inkjets at Kodak, said the collaboration "between two great brands" would enable Samsung to utilise Kodak's leading technology. 

"And Kodak is able to further grow its business. It’s a win-win," he said. 

“This announcement reflects both the strength of Kodak’s technology in the consumer inkjet market, and the progress we have made in building a competitive business.”


So watch out for the hybrid printers, currently only available in Germany, on sale soon.

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23/08/2012 02:29