Rainy day projects for kids

For a while it looked like summer may actually have arrived. And then it started raining again.

If you too are sick of our soggy summer and countless weekends spent indoors working your way down the endless list of TV channels, trying to entertain the kids, why not try something a little different the next time your big plans get rained off?

We used to love treasure hunts when we were kids (who are we kidding, we still love them), so we thought that we would help you make one for your little ones, quickly, easily and most importantly, cheaply.

There are two main ways you can make a treasure hunt:

1.       Multiple clues that lead to a prize

2.       A treasure map

Option one is certainly the easier option but thanks to modern technology, option two can be done pretty simply.

If you are planning on making clues, simply type them up (make sure you number them!) and print them out.

The clues don't need to be complex if you have younger kids - 'Cold things are kept here', 'Where smelly socks go' and 'Books live here' will be explanatory enough to help your child move from one to clue to the next.

Leaving a mini prize with the next clue is a fun, by not necessary, option, but make sure there is something at the end of the treasure hunt to reward all their hard work.

If you fancy making a treasure map, instead of hand drawing a dodgy version of your garden or house, why not make one on your computer and print it out? Just load up your printer with paper and plenty of colour ink!

Go around the house and take photos of different locations were you could hide clues and then upload them, build a visual map of the treasure hunt.

Instead of specific clues, leave slightly more general ones as they will already be aware of the general location. If you wanted to make it really tricky, you could just take a photo of the door of the room accompanied by a clue.

Keep the kids (and yourself) occupied for an hour or so during the next rainy weekend and turn your house into a treasure island!

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