Print panoramics from your iPhone 5

The much anticipated iPhone 5 was launched last month and so far, people seem pretty impressed.

Here at INKredible, we are a huge fan of printing, basically anything.

So imagine our excitement when we found out that the iPhone 5 allows users to take panoramic pictures.

There are several apps on the market that allow users to print from their iPhone so why not experiment with panoramic photographs.

Load up your printer with ink and photo paper and create some interesting wall art.

Autumn is a great time to head outdoors and capture some fantastic naturescapes. Capture an entire forest turning orange and brown with a panoramic shot and then print it out and put it above your desk.

If you are particularly proud of a photo, why not send it off and get it printed on a canvas.

Whatever you do, keep printing! If your phone has a camera, ensure that your images make it off your memory card.

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