What to do if you lose power in the middle of a print job

Yes, we know, it's not the 1970s anymore. It's rare to face the prospect of a real black-out. Then again, things do sometimes go awry, even in the normally candy-floss-flavoured world of printing (not an invitation to lick your print cartridges).

Chances are, if power goes AWOL when you're partway through printing something, this could be caused by a cable coming out of the back of either your printer or your PC or Mac.

If this has happened, turn off the power at the plug, then re-attach the power cable into its correct socket. If in doubt, check the instructions on this point.

Once power is restored (remember to turn the plug back on after you've set everything up correctly) you may be faced with a printer that's partway through coughing up one of your pages.

If you're lucky, the printer will work this out for itself, and will get rid of the page for you once you restore power. The page will only be half-printed but you can't have everything…

If the printer doesn’t let go of your page of its own accord, then please do not try to pull it out by force – this potentially will only get you into a mess, and could leave you with bits of torn paper clogging up your printer's innards – not a good look.

If you do this, the worst case scenario would be a broken printer – and every time a printer breaks, we at INKredible get heart palpitations. Please do not do this to us.

Again, it's a good idea to fish out your instruction book (or, if you've been good, pick it up from the easily accessible spot where you always keep it, for ease of reference).

If you are still stuck, you should be able to make your printer give up its papery hostage by printing something else.

If you go into Word, type some random lines (we suggest a sonnet about INKredible) and then print that, the printer will get its act together and you'll be back in business.

But what to do about the half-finished print job?

It's doomed.

Nope, we're kidding, it's fine (sorry, we do like to josh). Rather than printing everything out again (what a bore) you'll easily be able to print from a certain point in your work.

For example, if you were printing from a webpage, you could select the text that has not yet printed, then tick the 'selection' box when the print window pops up.

If you were printing a document from word, why no re-print, but use the 'pages' feature in the print option window, where you can type in the pages you want printing.

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