We're not just stopping with the recent changes we've made to our website folks – no, this is part of a wider effort to completely transform everything we offer.

That's right – we've lots more planned for the months to come. Here's an idea of what you can look forward to in the future:

A reward scheme

Loyalty schemes are all the rage! And why not – in these straightened economic times, shoppers are increasingly looking for a bit of added value when they buy their bits and bobs.

Our reward scheme will earn you reward points when you shop, by referring your friends and family to us and by sending back empty inks for recycling.

You can use the reward points to put toward future payment for orders – sounds good, huh?

Support section

Printer playing up? Have a question about compatible ink cartridges?

We're going to launch a dedicated, in-depth support section that will be packed full of tutorials, guidance features, hints and tips and how to's.

Whatever it is you're wondering about – a query about a warranty, what to think about when buying a printer – we'll be adding a variety of useful pieces in there as we go on – a one-stop-shop for all your queries!


The INKredible gang is really excited about this -  a community hub for our customers to come together and chat!

It'll be a place you can share knowledge with one another, passing tips and best practice. We've designed it primarily to act as an information portal when our support team isn't available, but we also hope it'll encourage plenty of interesting chat between our customers too!

Speak soon

The INKredible team

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