....Not that the old one was bad necessarily, but, well, just needed a bit of a spring clean.

We know that when it comes to buying ink, toner and paper, cost is a really important factor, especially in today's – how do we say – rather difficult economic times.

So that's one of the reasons why we decided to review our pricing structure. It's one of the biggest changes as part of our switch to our new website (we haven't been banging on about that too much, have we?)

In keeping with the other changes we've made to the INKredible website, we've moved to make our pricing easier to understand and, overall, cheaper.

How it used to work

Let's say you're after six full sets of compatible ink cartridges for Brother's DCP 110C machine. On our old site, you couldn't just buy six full sets. Well you could, but you'd have to do it by buying 1 x 4 sets at £19.99 (£4.99 a set) and then 1 x 2 sets at £14.99 (7.50 a set) – that's £35 for six sets.

This was OK, but perhaps a little limited, because you could only buy via our set offers.

How it works now

Those six sets of ink have run out and you need some more - pronto. No problem. Thanks to our new tiered pricing, you don't have to stick to the offers in order to get what you need – you can order whatever quantity you like and still see a cost saving.

For example: Now you can simply order 6 x 1 sets – and that's where the tiered pricing kicks in, reducing the price per set down to a best price of £4.99 a set – so £29.99 in total.

That's a saving of £5. Every little helps.

Savvy? Hey – let us know what you think – we'd love to hear from you.

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