Nokia unveils 41-megapixel smartphone

01 March 2012

It offers low-light performance and gives users the ability to save photos in compact file sizes to make it easy for them to share content in emails, messages and on social networks.

The impressive handset was among the new technology on show at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

It is part of an effort by Nokia to catch up to rivals Google and Apple in the mobile market.

Nokia said the 808 PureView sets a "new industry standard" in mobile imaging.

Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia Smart Devices, said:  "Nokia PureView imaging technology sets a new industry standard by whatever measure you use.

"People will inevitably focus on the 41-megapixel sensor, but the real quantum leap is how the pixels are used to deliver breath-taking image quality at any resolution and the freedom it provides to choose the story you want to tell."

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23/08/2012 02:29