Need a refund? No problemo

Need a refund, huh? OK – straight to the back of the queue!

Nah – we're not like that at INKredible. While we make it our key priority to ensure all our products are shipped on time and in perfect working order, we know that on very rare occasions the odd one does slip through the net.

We want you to stay with us as customers – which is why excellent service, before and after purchase, is at the heart of all we do.

So here's a useful guide to what you can do if something's not quite right with your INKredible order.


Technical issue 

You hook up your new ink cartridge to your brand new printer, send a document to print and…there's a click, a funny whirr and a sort-of strange clacking sound. Apparently it's all a bit, well, broken. 

While your product might be faulty, don't rule out a technical issue. We'd encourage you first to take a look at our blog, FAQ and help sections. There's plenty of information on here covering a range of topics – from printer calibration to paper jams. 

It might be there's some useful bit of troubleshooting info on there that you can use to sort it all out and be back printing quality prints and documents in no time!

It really is faulty

OK, that odd whirr, annoying clack and funny click really do mean there's something wrong. 

No worries. Our super-friendly team (yep, even at 5pm on a Friday!) will be more than happy to assist you with any problems. Give them a bell on 0844 804 00 88 or fill out the online form here

They might be able to diagnose the problem. If not, they'll be happy to sort out a refund for you. Here's our ethos: If we can't identify of fix the problem you will be given the choice of a full refund or replacement goods. Can't say fairer than that. You won't pay an additional postage costs either. 

Change of heart 

Absolutely no problem. We often buy stuff we don't actually need (thinking of the toastie machine that's lying dormant in the INKredible kitchen). 

If you order the wrong product or change your mind and decide you don't want it, you're entitled to replacements or a refund to spend on more goodies.


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