Monday morning 'most productive time of the week'

23 June 2012
Monday morning 'most productive time of the week'

The idea that Monday is the least productive day of the week is a myth, new research suggests.

A study by office supplies firm Viking found Monday morning between 10am and noon is the most productive time of the week for office workers.

Employees feel as if they accomplish more at work during this two-hour window than at any other point during the week.

Viking suggested this start of the week freshness is because workers come in revitalised after the weekend.

John O’Keeffe of Viking said: "The idea that we all dislike Mondays and little or no work is done does not seem to be the case in a modern small business.

"The research has shown that people feel more productive and fresher on a Monday morning. It would seem that from Tuesday onwards, distractions that impact on productivity seem to start creeping in more and more."

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23/08/2012 02:29