Minding your money and pocketing those pennies

The BBC recently reported ten things that we Brits not only hate paying for but are confused by.

Some things on the list made a lot of sense and were, annoyingly, unavoidable – 0800 numbers being free from landlines but costing from mobiles, booking charges or 'admin fees' on low-cost airlines and cash machines charging obscene amounts of money all made it onto the list.

We have good news for you though! Although we can't do anything about any of the above (apart form the 0800 number thing, We publish our 01325 number for exactly that reason!), we can eradicate one of the money issues from the list.

Which? carried out a survey a while back and discovered that printer ink, measure for measure cost seven times more than a vintage bottle of Dom Perignon champagne!

This is a crazy statistic and there is no reason that your ink-buying should set you back more than bubbly! Our compatible inks or remanufactured cartridges will leave you with enough change in your pocket that you can afford both ink and champagne!

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