Making prints from Microsoft Word

Many people spend a lot of their computing time staring at word processing software like Microsoft Word, and it seems likely that for a lot of people the trusty text-based tool is their most commonly used computer programme.

But even then, they may not know all the secrets there are to printing efficiently from its easily recognisable screen.

Most regular Microsoft Word users will know, for example, that some easy ways of making the text they're typing make its way, as if by magic, onto a sheet of paper, include using the printer-shaped icon or heading to the File menu and employing the Print command.

(For best results, we do recommend having a printer linked to your computer beforehand, however....)

Those with eagle eyes may also have spotted that, when they undertake the above File menu and Print adventure, the letters "Ctrl+P" appear on the menu, too.

To help people for whom this apparently odd code is still shrouded in mystery, we can reveal that this is in fact an instruction, letting you know that if you press the Control key (or Ctrl) and the letter P on your keyboard, you can print documents without even touching your mouse.

Of course, even before you print, if you're working on a document that you might want to put on paper later, it could be wise to use the Print Layout feature, to get a better idea of how it will finally look.

Head to the View menu and change your preference from Normal Layout or Web Layout to Print Layout in order to achieve this.

There's also the handy Print Preview tool, which can be accessed from the File menu. This is great for getting a quick, distanced overview of your work. Once you've taken a glance at how your handy work will appear on paper, to exit the preview (which you'll need to do if you want to continue working), head to the Close button on the left hand side.

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