Make Your Own Christmas Jumper


Is there anything more festive than a Christmas jumper? If you haven’t had time to buy one yet, we’ve got you covered with our free printable templates and tutorial, so you can create your own in time for Christmas.


Download Your Designs Below (click on the image to download) 




Grinch Design                                 Rudolph Design                                  Elf Design 



How Do I Create My Christmas Jumper?


Step 1:

First you’ll need to download and print your preferred design, make sure you have enough ink left in your printer, and ensure that you have a T-shirt or Jumper ready to transfer the design onto.


Step 2:

Turn on your printer and take out all of the paper in the tray, you can now replace this with T-Shirt Printing Paper.

You’ll have noticed that the design you have chosen is back to front, don’t worry! We’ve done this so that the image will print perfectly onto your T-shirt or Jumper, first time lucky. All you need to do is send your downloaded image to print.

Every printer is different, so make sure that the paper is the right way up for YOUR printer. You will need to Load the transfer paper so that the blank side receives the image.


Step 3:

Now that your design has printed onto your T-shirt Transfer Paper, you can go ahead and cut around your design. Next lay your Tshirt or Jumper flat onto an ironing board. Switch on your iron and let it get hot. Now, place the Transfer Paper image side down onto the fabric. You can now Iron over the back of the paper, transferring your design onto the material.

Top tip: Once you have placed your design face down onto your T-shirt or Jumper, lay a dry tea towel over the back of the paper before ironing over the back of your design. Having a tea towel sandwiched between your paper and the iron will stop anything from burning.

Iron for up to a minute, taking your time to cover the whole back side of the design


Step 4:

Remove the iron, switch it off at the wall and carefully peel the paper off of your Jumper or T-shirt revealing your finished design.


Step 5:

Wait for the transfer to cool and try your new Christmas Jumper or T-shirt on. Take a photo of your finished design and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram

Top tip: When washing your garment, make sure you turn it inside out so that the printed image is on the inside, this will lessen the chance of the image cracking or peeling. Wash on a low heat.





Before trying to print your Jumper design, make sure you have enough ink in your printer. Need to order more? You can find the right ink for your printer here. Need expert advice on your printer, ink cartridges or anything else printer related, please don't hesistate to get in touch with our INKredible team, one of our experts will be more than happy to help you get back to printing.

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