Maintaining workplace comfort

Everyone's in the office for longer these days, aren't they? The standard nine-to-five a thing of the past, it's becoming increasingly common for workers to be putting in ten-hour shifts or even more just to get stuff done.

But while all this extra time sat at the desk is likely to make your employer think the world of you, it can't be all that good for your health.

And that's not just your mental health but your physical health too. Sitting down for long periods can sap your energy, straining joints and muscles and being an all-round not-very-good-thing.

Thankfully, help is at hand. We're no experts, but here's some useful ways you can ensure your body and mind stay fresh at work.

Give me a break

Breaks will be factored in to your working day by your employer but you can also make sure you keep yourself supple and alert by taking little mini breaks throughout the day.

Now, we're in no way suggesting you skive off, just make sure you get a minute to stretch your legs here and there.

Why not stick your printer at the other end of the room – an excuse to go for an extended jaunt whenever you need a print-out, get the blood circulating. Or head for a quick walk outside. It might only be for a few minutes, but you'd be amazed at how fresh you'll feel.


Turn the office into your very own gym! Why not practice a few simple exercises – some pulls, push-ups, press-ups and stretches.

You could do it after your lunch or as you approach the mid-afternoon. If you're short of space in the office, have you thought about joining a gym close to work and nipping out on your lunch?

Switch it up

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To that end, sitting at the desk all day isn't good for you. Think about the tasks you can do to get you out of your seat. Offer to collect the mail from the foyer or answer the phone.


Struggling to maintain a decent work-life balance? Work getting a little too much? There are lots of things you can do to aid your mental wellbeing.

Have you thought about cycling to work? Great idea – gets you out and about and freshens you up ahead of the working day.

If the office politics is all getting a bit too much, how about a swift pint after work with a colleague – have a good moan.

If you feel you'd like to see your family a little more, consider asking your employer if you can work from home. Lots of companies are offering flexible working these days.

These are little things – but you'd be really surprised at how they can make your working day that bit more bearable.

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