Picture the scene. A disused railway line. At night. There's no-one around, except that is, for a laser printer and an inkjet printer. They're about to do battle. Who wins? 

We're entering an age-old argument here folks. Two of the most common types of printing have long been waging a war for top dog status. It's the technological equivalent of, um, Man vs Wild. 

But which is better? We go through the pros and cons.



To put it simply, the big difference an inkjet has over its laser equivalent is, as the name suggests, that is uses liquid ink.

The big plus for inkjets is that because they can handle multiple ink streams, they are really good for printing photos, complicated colour prints, and on a range of media (some can print on CDs).

However, one drawback is when it comes to speed. They are faster than they once were, but inkjets still aren't as zippy as lasers. That's because lasers use big sophisticated lasers.

Still, if speed isn't a massive issue, you can expect great quality prints from an inkjet. And like we say, they're not that slow.

What's more, while it might seem like inkjets are more suited to the individual consumer as opposed to a business, this isn't so. Pick up a decent multi-function inkjet printer and you'll find it's more than capable of handling business tasks.





Text, text, text. That's what lasers are all about. Text, and lots of it.

Fire up a laser printer and – boom – it'll give you a stream of basic prints before you can say, er, laser.

Black text, too, is the laser's strong point. That's why they are so suited to businesses – they can print black text fast.

They can handle different colours, but don't expect them to print anything too complicated.

Speed, too. Laser printers are really fast and it's unlikely the laser will ever compare to it. If you want to be churning out the prints, a laser is your best bet.

When it comes to cost, such is the market these days that there really isn't that much difference in price. However, be aware that with the lower-priced models, you really aren't paying for much. If you're looking for something effective and adaptable, you'll need to spend a little bit more.


Anyway – who's better? Well, it won't surprise you to hear that really, neither is better than the other.

It all depends on what you need to print. Just printing black text documents? Go for a laser. Colour-happy? Inkjet will be up your alley.

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