Kodak to continue making ink

18 October 2012

Kodak to continue making inkLast month Kodak announced that it will no longer be making printers as of next year.

There was initially some concern over the supply of ink for existing printers but Kodak has announced that they intend on producing ink for the next few years.

Kodak spokesperson Krista Gleason told pcadvisor.co.uk, "Kodak will continue to sell ink to its customers, honour all product warranties, and provide technical support and service. Customer service remains a priority."

The company clarified that this support and production of ink would last for the duration of the industry average expected lifetime of printers – three to four years.
As long as customer demand remains strong, Kodak will continue to meet the demand, so there is no need to worry.

Here at INKredible you will still find a great range of Kodak ink cartridges for a variety of printer models and we will be continuing to stock supplies for Kodak printers for as long as possible.


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