Is Adobe LeanPrint any good?

You've probably heard of Adobe LeanPrint. If you haven't, not to worry.

It's a piece of software you install on your computer that links up to your printer.

It's specifically designed to help printer users manage how much ink they use.

It re-dos the layout of documents when printing from popular applications and browsers so that users can put content onto fewer pages, using less toner and reducing the environmental impact of their printing.

Adobe says LeanPrint reduces paper and toner consumption by an average of around 40 per cent. But is it any good?

According to a recent PC World review of the product, yes and no.

LeanPrint is clearly designed to capitalise on the fact that, let's face it, ink and toner from original equipment manufacturers don't come cheap.

The review explains that LeanPrint has two modes – TonerSaver and SuperSaver.

TonerSaver works by reducing the amount of ink or toner used to form text and by replacing solid colours with pattern fills where appropriate, such as pie charts and diagrams.

"The savings in ink and toner are modest but noticeable, and readability isn't seriously compromised," the review states.

SuperSaver works differently – by automatically reformatting print jobs so as to reduce page count, changing font and modifying column counts.

"This radical approach produces impressive results under optimized conditions, lowering page counts by 70 per cent or more."

But as the review points out, LeanPrint is a little limited. That's because it doesn't support a number of applications, such as Chrome or the latest version of Firefox – just Microsoft Word and Excel.

UPDATE: Adobe LeanPrint Now supports both Chrome and the latest version of Firefox.

"That leaves a rather narrow range of applications that the software can work with," according to the review.

"The browser restrictions alone will discourage most home users and small businesses from adopting LeanPrint."

It's also quite expensive – nearly £100.

So is such a product really necessary? The PC World review suggests that many of the savings achievable through LeanPrint can be achieved by changing a few options on the printer – such as draft mode and duplex printing.



  • Hemant
    17/08/2012 14:49

    Latest Version of Adobe LeanPrint supports Chrome, latest version of firefox. Please update your artcile.

    -Hemant Virmani, Adobe LeanPrint Team

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