Ink cartridges 'can last for years'

03 July 2012
Ink Cartridges 'can last for years'

Ink cartridges can last for years if you don't print much, but they may evaporate, it has been claimed.

Computeractive has been giving out some advice about the longevity of ink cartridges in response to a reader question.

The reader, AR, posed: "Epson's Workforce Pro 4015DN printer scooped a Buy it! award from Computeractive. I am 78 years old and print just one page a week, to keep the printer in working order. If I buy the 4015DN with ink cartridges that print around 1,000 pages, would this see me to the crematorium?"

In response, Computeractive said the 4015DN's lowest-yield black cartridge is capable of producing around 1,200 pages, meaning printing one page per week means the ink supply should last for around 23 years.

"However, we suspect that evaporation – no matter how limited – would mean that the inks diminish before that period is up," it said.

"Quite how long before that happened is anyone's guess but certainly, we know of people that have used inkjet printers for many years while relying on a single cartridge – so we think you'll probably be okay."

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