HP's Z1 goes worldwide

17 April 2012
HP issues alert over laserjet bug

First unveiled at a HP conference in Las Vegas earlier this year, the Z1 is, according to the printer ink giant, the world's first all-in-one workstation with a 27-inch diagonal display.

It is a veritable box of tricks – designed for those working in the computer-aided design, digital media and entertainment industries, it promises "blazingly fast" rendering and performance.

But all this high-tech wizardry comes at a cost – the snazzy device is priced at $1,899 (about £1,200).

Jim Zafarana, vice president and general manager of HP's commercial solutions business unit, said customers had described the Z1 as "insanely cool" and "just the right size".

"Customers say they're impressed with the combination of accelerated performance and design that’s not available on any other product in the market today," he said.

And despite its somewhat alarming price tag, the Z1 has impressed the critics. According toeweek.com, the desktop "raises the bar" and desktopreview.com said it was "incredible".

Still, that price tag. Perhaps it's best waiting a few months eh...

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