3 Common Printer Problems and How to Fix Them

Printer ink is lovely stuff – when it's on paper making its glorious marks and providing you with that print-out of your first novel about pirates, the perfect recipe for yoghurt scones you waited so long to find or those holiday snaps from Thailand you kept meaning to make hard copies of.

But ink on your nice new carpet? Not so much.

Unless you're going for an interesting, arty new type of carpet design (and who are we to judge?), the chances are that if you've managed to put ink on a carpet this was not intentional and you have our sympathy.

Make yourself some bubbly water using a dash of Fairy Liquid (other mythical-being-based liquids are available!). But don't try to find a rubber duck to play with at this point – there'll be plenty of opportunity for that later.

In order to do this, we recommend taking the cool water from the cold tap. Please follow this route, rather than waiting for hot tap water to cool down. Likewise boiling a kettle, then putting ice cubes into the freshly boiled water until it reaches the right temperature is not recommended.

Honestly, you're best off using the cold tap (we're here to help).

Facing up to the pool of ink, get rid of any puddled ink without adding water, until you're left with just the patch that needs the aid of a little of the wet stuff. However, don't make the ink patch bigger than it was before at this point.

It's now a case of doing your best with the remaining ink via the revolutionary method of a dampened cloth.

If you're lucky, a little bit of elbow grease will mean that your carpet is spared the embarrassment of taking on a new hue that might not suit it!

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