The one problem with printer ink? Eventually the stuff runs out.

Annoying isn't it? There you are ready to print the last job of the day when there's a whirr and a funny plop and your printer says 'sorry, no can do'. While it's always advisable to have some back-up ink cartridges stored under the desk, some of us just aren't that seasoned, are we?

Thankfully there are ways to conserve printer ink – and it needn't cost a fortune. In fact, it needn't cost anything. 

Easiest way to save money on ink? Use less

The Basics

The first thing to ask yourself is: Do I really need to print it? It might sound a bit obvious but think about it.

Let's say you've a 40-page research document to print off for work. Do you really need all of it? How about having a quick look through, selecting the bits you actually will find useful? It's easy to highlight certain bits of text and specific page numbers when you come to print.

Similarly, when printing emails, do you really need the whole email? If it's just a small amount of text you need why not paste it into a Word document. Sounds stingy? Perhaps - but it could mean you print one page instead of two or two pages instead of four. Tot that up over the course of a year and that's a lot of ink.

Only print what you need.

Also, by using less bold text and smaller fonts you can save ink. Do you really need to use a garish, extravagant font, and does it have to be that big? Using a traditional font in small size will help you conserve ink over the long term.

Get to grips with your printer

There's a lot more to your printer than simply pressing send and letting it do its work. In fact, you'd  be surprised how advanced today's printers are and how much they can help you. 

Having a play around with your machine's settings is a really good idea. For example, you can put your printer on low quality for non-essential print jobs, switching it up to a better quality for the jobs that need it. 

Why opt for the default print setting? Delving a little deeper into the workings of your printer set-up can pay dividends.

Ignore those 'warning' messages

When your printer suddenly goes into panic mode and tells you you need to replace your ink cartridges, don't worry just yet. While your printer seems to be telling you that the end of the world is nigh, it's likely you'll be able to keep your ink cartridges going for some time yet.

However, that's not to say forever. It's a good idea to use a low ink warning message as a sign you need to get some new ink ordered. However, as soon as you notice any change in print quality be sure to stop printing until the cartridge has been changed to avoid damage to your printer.



  • 14/02/2017 13:50


  • Hilary
    22/10/2017 17:40

    I always do what you advise regarding selecting only the pages I need.  I always do what you advise regarding selecting only the pages I need.  Also, I do copy and paste of only the parts that I need of an email. However, I need to delve into the bowels of my printer to find out how to change the default setting! I am not mean, just careful 😃😃

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