How Can Printing Be More Sustainable

Leading a more sustainable life can be a challenge for many and there’s often a lot of confusion around whether printing can be eco-friendly. 


We know that going paperless isn’t always a realistic option, luckily there are other alternatives that will be better suited to supporting you in your goal to becoming more environmentally friendly.


Reduce Waste

One of the best ways to reduce your waste is to make sure that the printer you are using is of high quality, this will ensure that more of your documents sent to print will be successful, reducing the amount of paper and ink going in the bin.  

A high quality printer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; choose a product such as the Canon MG5750 for great quality colour images and documents. This model also has a wireless feature allowing you to print straight from a mobile device or laptop, handy for those who use these devices to capture images, or access emails and professional documents. 


Recycle Your Waste

Many people think that printing products are disposable and they are, but they also contribute to land fill and an excess of waste. Now you can prevent your cartridges, toners and drums from polluting the planet with INKredible’s recycling scheme. Working in partnership with Zero Waste Recycling to guarantee that products don’t end up in land fill, you can now simply post your empty cartridges back to us using a pre-paid postage label and we will do the rest. 


Switch Up Your Paper

Many of us want to cut down our paper usage but this isn’t always possible. However, there are sustainable options which can suit your printing needs such as opting to print on recycled paper. This is a great option for those who need to print regularly or in high volume. Alternative options include printing on paper that has a carbon neutral production process, or is FSC certified which will ensure that it is created from sustainably managed forests.


There are many ways to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We spend most of our time at work using our devices and printers, so why not start with creating a more sustainable approach towards your printing habits? These simple steps can help you become more sustainable and you can now go the extra mile by recycling your empty cartridges and toners. Post your empty ink cartridges to us today and do your part for the planet.   



Looking to buy a new printer? The Canon MG5750 is a great tool if you want to print more sustainably. MG5750 ink can be purchased online at INKredible.

In need of product or printing advice? Contact the INKredible team today with any queries you might have.

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