How a printer can help you celebrate birthdays

Every time a friend or family member has a birthday you have to dash out to your local card store and buy something quirky from the likes of Hallmark etc right? Well not exactly.

While such firms undoubtedly make cards which are good quality and have funny messages which will make the birthday boy/girl blush like a bashful teenager, in this day and age the need to go out and buy cards really isn’t necessary.

Indeed, you can get all the cards you need for celebrations without ever having to leave the house. We’re not talking about those online services where the cards are posted to you here, nor are we advocating agoraphobia.

No what we are talking about is making your own cards using your laptop and PC and printing them yourself.

Now you might think that you won’t be able to do the project justice but there are printers out there which can handle the job with ease and leave you with fancy cards that the unsuspecting eye would think had been bought in a shop.

There are wide range of websites out there which enable you to design cards which can then be printed. Just type “printable birthday cards” into Google and you’ll soon find yourself spoilt for choice.

But you don’t just have to use the net to put your cards together. Some people will find that they have access to card designs as part of the software that came bundled with your computer. Microsoft Word 2010, for example, has some basic card designs which can be edited in seconds and sent straight to your printer.

If you want to get really creative though, programs like Adobe’s Photoshop will enable you to edit and design pictures and logos which can really bring your cards to life. Photoshop is an expensive piece of kit but if you’ve already got access to it because you’re a budding photographer then there is no reason why you shouldn’t utilise its capabilities.

One of the key things, though, is ensuring that your printer is up to the job. Most printers these days have options for printing colour documents but the quality differs greatly and when you’re giving the finished product to a loved one the last thing you want is for the colours to be faint or washed out.

It’s also a good idea to use a printer which facilitates double-sided printing. Yes you can print on one side and then put it back in upside down to print on the other, but trust us, that can often lead to mistakes being made and time being wasted.

It’s not just birthday cards you can make using a good quality printer. You can also print out items such as invitations if you are planning a party and if needed set up your printer so that it can print on banner paper, meaning that an eight foot banner saying “Happy 50th Margaret” can be knocked up in seconds.

Unfortunately you can’t print birthday cakes, well not yet anyway!

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