Have an INKredible wedding

With the average spend on a British wedding coming in at a staggering £18,500 (according to a few dodgy sites we came across on the web!), finding ways to make your money go further is a key concern for most brides. Printing your own wedding invitations could save you hundreds of pounds as the average spend on wedding stationery alone is an exorbitant £465. 

There are a number of benefits to printing your own invitations. Along with saving yourself a lot of money, you are guaranteed to be sending completely original and unique invitations. Investing in high quality paper, card or photo paper will give your wedding invitations a professional and high quality finish. The beauty of making your own invitations also means that you will be able to match your colour scheme perfectly and won’t have a last minute panic attack when the invitations arrive looking considerably more royal blue than navy. 

Homemade invites also give you completely free reign over the font you choose to use- many online invitation businesses only offer around ten different fonts. If you are having a themed wedding, you may well be able to find a font that typifies that theme (excuse the pun!). Using your own printer also allows you to print in colour or add photos or images, something that most companies will charge you extra for. 

Making your own wedding stationery gives you the option of adding additional material into the envelope before it is sent off so why not include any directions to venues, dietary concerns or even a photo of yourself and your future spouse.

Think it sounds like too much to do for one person? Enlist your bridal party to help you one evening - crack open a couple of bottles of wine and turn this project into a fun activity. 

After having saved yourself a small fortune so far, why stop there? By printing your own order of service, table numbers and place cards, you can ensure that all your wedding stationery is consistent without breaking the bank. After the wedding you can even use the same style of stationery to send out thank you letters without having to fork out even more money after your big day.

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