Everyone should do their bit for Green Office Week

This week marks Green Office Week – a time when everyone should be doing their bit to ensure that their workplace is as eco friendly as possible.

According to Gregg Corbett, marketing director at Avery, the founder of Green Office Week, there is something that every member of staff can do to contribute, whether it is just thinking before they print or switching off their PC at the end of the day. "Empowering staff is the key when it comes to reducing energy usage.

Green Office Week has always been about championing a bottom-up approach, encouraging change amongst employees and office culture, using the week as a springboard to developing more sustainable working practices," he stated.

Mr Corbett went on to say that many office workers are keen to spearhead green office initiatives however don't because they do not want to be seen as nagging. 

"Small business owners must recognise that long-term sustainable change is a two way process, attained through creating a working culture that reflects this and openly values employees' contributions," Mr Corbett concluded, stating that business owners should speak to staff about the best ways to go green and seek their advice in making changes.

Green Office Week runs all week from today through to 18th May.  

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