Fun for all the family

According to the National Network of Child Care (NNCC) creativity is crucial to a child's development. Here at INKredible, we have come up with a number of easy craft projects that are fun for all the family and free!

Photo collages are a great way to get your kids involved in a craft project. Choose a variety of photos and print them out onto glossy photo paper. You could buy a picture frame for your collage, but you can always stick the photos right onto a large sheet of paper or card. Using the photos you have just printed, together with some scissors and glue, you will be able to create a unique and eye-catching collage. Why not make one for your latest holiday or a recent birthday?

Companies online sell personal calendars for around £15 but you can make your own for substantially less. Choose 12 photos to use and download a basic calendar from the internet. You can even edit the calendar to include family birthdays and special occasions. After printing, just hang on the wall and enjoy a different family photo every month!

Finally, try making a personal activity book for car journeys or rainy days. Blank colouring pictures, word searches and crosswords are easily found on the internet. If you are taking a trip to the seaside, personalise a crossword with words like 'beach', 'icecream', 'sandcastle' or even their name! Your child will find these much more engaging than shop-bought activities as they are personal and specific to their day out.

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