Our Firmware Guarantee means you'll never be out of pocket

We know that making the decision to use compatible cartridges in your printer doesn't come lightly for some. Questions like 'Will the quality be as good as the Original inks?', 'Will using compatibles affect my printer's warranty?' and 'What happens if I’m not happy with them?' are ones we get asked regularly.

It's for this reason we introduced our 100% No Quibble Guarantee over 15 years ago!

Since then many other retailers have taken our lead and introduced similar guarantees themselves, but in light of recent changes in the industry we are once again going above and beyond and are excited to introduce our new 'Firmware Guarantee'!


Our Firmware Guarantee can give you full peace of mind.

Put simply, we guarantee to replace (or credit you for) any cartridges you buy from us and are suddenly unable to use as a result of your printer manufacturer updating the firmware on your printer.

This is on top of all of the cover you already enjoy from our 100% No Quibble Guarantee.


What's the Issue?

Firmware is code that is stored on your printer that provides instruction on how that printer should operate. From time to time your printer manufacturer will update this firmware via you printer's internet connection to fix bugs, update security or introduce new features.

Unfortunately in recent years we have noticed a trend among printer manufacturers to use these updates as a way to stifle the use of compatible or third party cartridges.

They essentially introduce code that prevents any further use of existing compatible cartridges, forcing the compatible manufacturers to update their own inks and render existing stock redundant.

This can of course take some time, causes significant inconvenience to anyone using compatible inks and in the meantime forces users to use only the manufacture’s own Genuine ink cartridges.


How It Works

Being covered by our 'Firmware Guarantee' means you can buy your ink cartridges with confidence, knowing that should your printer firmware get updated and stop you from being able to use the inks you have bought, you will not be out of pocket!

As soon as we are made aware of a firmware issue causing major problems with your particular printer we will email to let you know. This will provide information regarding the severity of the problem along with when we expect updated cartridges to be available. More importantly, it gives you a point of contact with our dedicated team should the issue affect you.

If you do have problems you can simply let our team know exactly how many cartridges are affected and how many unopened inks you still have remaining and we will arrange for these to be replaced with updated stock as soon as it becomes available.

Should this not be suitable we will also offer a refund for the inks in the form of account credit, this can then be used against the purchase of Genuine inks or perhaps compatibles for a different printer should you prefer.