Expert talks scrubbing up pads

24 June 2012
Expert talks scrubbing up pads

An expert has been talking about scrubbing up pads – giving detailed instructions on the procedure for the benefit of printer users.

Writing in the Telegraph, Rick Maybury says that the ink pads in the Canon Pixma MP130 model can be washed – and suggests employing methylated spirits for the job should print users feel the desire to try this. 

On this model, he writes, the pads can be extracted from the printer following some unscrewing and deconstruction. He says that this should be done having made sure that the printer is unplugged.

But he warns that printer users – whose warranties won't be of any use if they undertake the task – that they might find it causes mess. 

Mr Maybury gave his instructions in response to the problem of an MP130 model reporting a full "waste ink reservoir" to its user, and failing to print.

He said that "the [reservoir's] counter" in this situation could be "reset" in a simple manner adding that this would in time lead to "saturated" ink pads in need of a wash – hence his instructions on this procedure.    

Back in April Which? reminded printer users that "Even changing the font you use or the font size can vary the amount of ink that hits the page - therefore affecting ink running costs."

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