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Incredible as it sounds, Epson has been in business since 1942, far longer than the personal computer, with which the company’s products are now most associated. This is because the company first started out making watches. Their watch division is still going and is as well known as the younger personal printer division: Seiko watches are internationally acclaimed.

The name EPSON is a portmanteau-type word meaning ‘SON of Electronic Printer’. Seiko were the official time-keeper of the 1964 Olympics, and part of their duties meant that they needed a printing timepiece to record the winning times accurately. To this end and after, they developed what was at the time a mini printer which was called an Electronic Printer or EP101.

Following on from the success of this device, the name Epson was coined and printers began to take on the familiar form that would be seen throughout the world in businesses and homes.

Epson worked to make sure that their printers were easy to use, so that consumers could install the printers themselves without becoming frustrated or upset, and they perfected the blend of Epson toner and ink so that printing would be smooth and without disruption. To this end, they even added a little extra ink to prevent print heads from drying out: a dry print head can cause major issues with a printer, perhaps even resulting in expensive damage. This is why Epson printers have a guide as to how many pages can be printed, rather than showing the level of ink left: the residue might be mistaken for usable ink.

We at Inkredible are proud to count Epson as part of our range of toner cartridges and we also have a great selection of genuine and compatible Epson ink cartridges as part of our range of printer ink cartridges.