Make your own Personalised Photo Keyrings

DIY: Personalised Photo Keyrings

We show you how you can use your own printer and inexpensive blank keyring kits to make your own personalised Photo Keyrings at home.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the video of the process in action. Here's how it's done:


You Will Need:

  • Acrylic Blank Photo Keyrings – We bought in bulk from Amazon, perfect for making gifts but smaller packs are available:
  • Inkjet Printer – Your trusty home inkjet printer will be perfect, nothing special required here.
  • Your preferred photo paper – We used our 190gsm Matt Photo Paper but any quality photo paper should work provided it's not too thick.
  • Guillotine– To cut your photos nice and straight.


How it’s Done:

1. Print your Photos at the correct size using the highest quality setting on your printer.

For our Keyrings we printed the photos 46mm x 32mm for a perfect fit. If you buy different keyring blanks you may need to experiment to find the perfect size for you photos.

We also set the paper type on our Canon MG5750 printer to 'High Quality Matt Photo Paper' and selected 'Best' under the quality settings.

2. Cut your photos using the guillotine.

Regular scissors or a craft knife will do just fine but we found using a guillotine gave the sharpest edges and best results.

3. Stack the cut photos 'back to back' and insert into the Keyring.

Once everything is positioned correctly the back cover should just 'snap' into place.
We found some of the back covers had little bits of excess plastic than prevented a good fit but these broke off easily.

4. Stand Back and admire your work!

You've done it! These personalised keyrings also make fantastic gifts for friends and family!

Here’s The Video: