How to Disable HP 903/953 Firmware

Printers Using HP 903/953 Cartridges

During the last few months HP have continued to install regular firmware updates to printers, which in turn, restrict the use of third party ink cartridges.  As always, we're working hard to continously provide updated cartridges as and when they're available.

Our customers have been asking how they can prevent further updates from happening in the future, so we put together this step by step guide. Menu systems can differ slightly between printers but the process is usually very similar.


Disable Firmware Update - Step 1

1) Select 'Setup' or the 'gear/cog' settings icon on your printer display panel (Depending on printer)


Disable Firmware Update - Step 2

2) Select 'Printer Maintenance' from the Setup menu


Disable Printer Firmware - Step 3

3) Select 'Update the Printer' from the Printer Maintenance menu


Disable Firmware Update - Step 4

4) Select 'Printer Update Options'


Disable Firmware Update - Step 5

5) Select 'Do Not Check'


This should prevent any future Automatic Firmware Updates from being received without your knowledge.

They may however prompt you to download a Firmware Update over Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection which should be rejected if you wish to continue using third party cartridges without disruption:


Disable Firmware Update - Step 7

1) If the 'Update Available' dialogue box should appear on your printer screen, select 'No'


Disable Firmware Updates - Step 7

2) Also answer 'No' to the secondary window as you do not wish to turn on updates

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