Common printer problems - Printing is too slow

14 June 2012
Common printer problems - Printing is too slow

If you find your machine is printing stuff out way too slow, there's a number of things you can do to sort it out.

Slow printing is a common printing problem (as our headline would suggest) and can be easily remedied.

Documents are becoming increasingly 'rich' – especially online. This means they can be packed full of graphics, images and photos, which take up a lot of ink and slow down printing time.

One way to sort this is to adjust your printer's settings. If a print is non-essential, put your printer in draft mode. That'll save you some ink – ink you can use when you really need it.

Another idea, when printing website pages, is to get rid of unnecessary images. You'll find that by selecting the 'print' option you'll get a text-only print; alternatively, simply paste what you need into a Word document and take it from there.

If that still hasn't sorted it, consider changing, or reinstalling, your printer's driver. A sign that there's something wrong with the driver is if your printer starts printing half a page, or two copies of something even though you only sent one.

Consult manufacturer guidelines for reinstalling the driver – that might just flush out the problem.

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