Common printer problems – "It's making a weird noise!"

17 July 2012
Common printer problems – "It's making a weird noise!"

We've got some super-fast, top-of-the-range printers here at INKredible towers. But even our sophisticated devises are tantamount to playing up – usually on a Friday afternoon, we find!

One common printer problem is that of the weird noise when printing – variously described as a strange churning, an odd skrunk or a ghastly glunk.

Now, a strange churning, ghastly glunk or odd skrunk is not good. It suggests there's something up with your printer. Or more specifically, there's something stuck inside it.

Turn your printer off at the mains and open up the hood, remove the toner and take a look inside.

A strange noise is often caused by either paper, or a build-up of ink getting stuck in the rollers. These can be easily removed.

Another issue is that your ink tray – that stores excess ink – may be full up. Take it out and give it a clean.

And if that doesn't sort it, well, take a look through our blog or FAQ for other guides. We're sure there's one that will help you out.

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