Coming soon! Shoes you can print at home...

13 June 2012

No, really – shoes you can print out at home! How? 3D printing, that's how!

According to Jane Monnington Boddy, a 'trend forecaster' for a market analyst called Stylesight, people will be quickly – and cheaply – printing their own shoes at home within the next ten years or so.

"This will revolutionise wardrobes," she told the Daily Mail. "It really is the future of fashion."

Being able to print your own shoes makes lots of sense. The next time you find yourself in a fashion fix – your dress is spot-on but you just don't have the heels to go with it – don't worry.

Simply boot up your 3D printer and whack out some clobber for your feet!

3D printing is in its infancy, and 3D printers don't come cheap (you're looking at £1,000 for a half-decent one). But we can expect the price to come down as they become more mainstream.

There are already a number of websites that allow people to buy a downloaded product – a pair of shoes, a handbag – before printing them out via a 3D device.

"3D printing cuts out shipping, so it’s eco-friendly, too," Ms Boddy said.

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