What to think about when buying a printer for the home

Like most things it's worth giving printer purchasing some thought before you do it.

We don't mean that you'll have to put aside hours on end to contemplate every tiny difference there could be between the various types of printer on offer, but it's definitely going to pay to take a few things into account.

Do be sure to take a glance at the type of ink cartridge the printer you have your eye on is going to be sucking up its life blood from. Take a little look at how much these babies cost, because you're only going to have to buy more of them later and print cartridges can be very expensive little things.

It might come as a shock to realise you've chosen the printer with the priciest ink options if you haven't prepared yourself first.

Not only that, of course, but you could always opt for another type of printer to the one you had in mind if you discover its cartridges are far more expensive than other options.

It's well worth taking a little glance at how many prints per cartridge you'll get too, if you can. Remember that though the actual cartridge may cost more than another, it could have a greater capacity, too.

It's also worth thinking about aesthetics. This may seem like a trivial point, but unlike a work printer, a home printer is going to be facing you in, well, your own home. No, really, we've researched this.

On top of this bombshell, many people keep their printers in a communal space, rather than a study, and a shocking monstrosity of a printer just isn’t going to set off that new parquet floor (trust us, we tried it in a moment of desperation).

If the printer you need is (whisper it) a bit ugly, think about investing in a desk that will hide it, perhaps on a built-in shelf.

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